Trump allies target DeSantis as Republican vote battle begins

Trump allies target DeSantis as Republican vote battle begins
Trump allies target DeSantis as Republican vote battle begins

Even loved ones seem torn. While his son-in-law Jared Kushner was among the crowd, his wife, Mr Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, was conspicuously absent.

Mr. Trump is said to be assembling a much smaller team than he had in 2016. His top advisers include Chris LaCivita, a longtime Republican strategist who heads a super PAC (an independent committee that can accept contributions in favor of a candidate) linked to Mr Trump, and Susie Wiles, a Florida-based political consultant who helped him win the state in his two previous presidential bids and ran his political operation for the past 18 month.

Kellyanne Conway, who managed the 2016 campaign, is expected to be involved to some degree.

“One person can fill a stadium”

Mr Trump also has the backing of Sebastian Gorka, his former presidential strategist and host of the America First podcast, who told The Telegraph this week he believed his former boss deserved another term.

“There’s only one person in America who can fill a stadium with 50,000 fans in less than 48 hours anywhere in the United States, and that’s not Ron,” the native American said. British Mr. Gorka.

Twice indicted and under investigation by the FBI, some suggest that Mr. Trump’s decision to run – and declare so soon – is partly motivated by the mistaken belief that his candidacy protects him from any legal action.

Prosecutors are moving quickly with investigations into his tax affairs and mishandling of classified documents and he may first be indicted on charges related to a Jan. 6 House subpoena.

Trump ‘influenced by DeSantis applause’

Those close to him told the Telegraph it was more likely he was swayed by the applause former protege Mr DeSantis received.

As Mr. Trump, banned from Twitter and Facebook, continues to denounce the “rigged” 2020 election to increasingly weary supporters via his email list, Mr. DeSantis, the incumbent Governor of the one of the largest and most influential states in the country, animates the Republican base.

The 44-year-old has harnessed anger over burning culture war issues such as race, religion, gender and sexuality in a way that few in his party have managed since Mr Trump has took office.

The former federal prosecutor, who has roots in Tea Party conservatism, emerged from relative obscurity in 2018 after winning the gubernatorial race by a wafer-thin margin. Within a few years, his legislation helped turn a ruby ​​red historically purple.

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. Trump allies target DeSantis Republican vote battle begins