Russian missile fired at Kyiv ‘contained nuclear warhead dummy’

A view of Saint Volodymyr Hill Park after the first snowfall of the year in Kyiv yesterday (Picture: Getty)

A Russian missile shot down over Kyiv yesterday was originally intended to carry a nuclear warhead, according to Ukrainian officials quoted by local media.

Instead, a dummy was installed on the Kh-55 rocket, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Strategic Communications Center told local media, Defense Express.

A spokesperson said: “Put simply – for this strike the orcs took at least one Kh-55 missile from their ‘nuclear arsenal’, ‘unscrewed’ the nuclear warhead and replaced it with a dummy before to shoot it at Ukraine.

“Although we shouldn’t rule out that as events develop at least a few such missiles will be seen.”

It is unclear why a dummy nuclear warhead would have been used.

The discovery, which follows an examination of missile debris, raises questions, said science and technology publication

A firefighter is seen outside a residential building which was hit by a Russian S-300 missile on November 19 (Photo: Shutterstock)

He wrote: “There is a chance that the Russian Federation will run out of conventional Kh-555 modification missiles and will use the Kh-55 instead.”

“If a nuclear warhead was removed, does that mean Russian soldiers forgot to put a conventional warhead in its place?

“Or, if a nuclear warhead has been removed, where is it now? »

It is also possible that the missile with a dummy existed in its current form and was simply used as a somewhat cheaper decoy in an attempt to deceive Ukrainian air defense systems, said Ukrinform, a Ukrainian news agency.

Four Shahed missiles and five drones were destroyed in an air raid alert over Kyiv on Thursday, Ukrinform reported.

Russian airstrikes again targeted Ukrainian energy facilities yesterday as the first snowfall of the season fell in Kyiv.

People get into a car in Kyiv during a power outage yesterday (Picture: Shutterstock)

At least four people were killed and more than two dozen others injured in the drone and missile strikes, including one that hit a residential building, authorities said.

Kremlin forces suffered a series of setbacks on the ground, the latest being the loss of the southern city of Kherson.

In the face of these defeats, Russia has increasingly resorted to air strikes targeting energy infrastructure and other civilian targets in parts of Ukraine it does not hold.

Thursday’s attacks appeared to be smaller in scale than the nationwide barrage of more than 100 missiles and drones that knocked out power to 10 million people earlier this week.

Tuesday’s strikes were described by Ukraine’s energy minister as the biggest barrage in nearly nine months against the crumbling power grid.

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. russian missile fired at Kyiv contained dummy dogive nuclear

. Russian missile fired Kyiv contained nuclear warhead dummy

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