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Why travel-hungry millennials flock to this Central American country famed for its happiness

Costa Rica has long been considered a pioneer in ecotourism – its guidelines for those wishing to observe nesting turtles, for example, are strict. Tourists can, in limited numbers, watch the grueling process of the creatures as they crawl their way out of the egg, crawl onto the beach and launch themselves into the waves, but observers should keep their distance from animals and photography flash is prohibited. .

But there are challenges to overcome, and sometimes the reality doesn’t match the marketing pitch. In Davos in May, President Rodrigo Chaves admitted that recycling is essentially not happening. It seems like an odd oversight when 98% of the country’s energy is renewable. Street vendors aren’t universally in the green either: menu items like turtle eggs, jaguar meat, and songbird platters are designed to appeal to less discerning travelers. Thrill-seeking tourists know to order lionfish, which anglers hope will become a delicacy (and rid the ocean of its extremely damaging population).

A getaway without rules

Costa Rica has another key attraction: the complete absence of Covid bureaucracy. Before the pandemic, tourism was its biggest industry, so the country reopened to foreign tourists in November 2020, well ahead of many of its counterparts. Now, although proof of vaccination is still required to visit many long-haul countries, there are no Covid-related entry requirements for Costa Rica.

However, the economy still suffered, with unemployment reaching 12%, one of the highest rates in the region. The government, of course, needs a quick fix, and tourists are one of them. More worryingly, there has also been talk of undoing the previous administration’s green policies, such as its ban on oil exploration. What this means for the rainforest, a key element of traveler appeal, remains to be seen.

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. why the millennials hungry travel flock to country of central America central famous for sound happiness

. travelhungry millennials flock Central American country famed happiness

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