Marvel’s Wonder Man is about to make the MCU really weird

Marvel’s Wonder Man is about to make the MCU really weird
Marvel’s Wonder Man is about to make the MCU really weird

So Wonder Man sucks?

Nope! Wonder Man reigns, but not because of this story.

Over the years, Wonder Man has been at the center of some of the best Avengers tales. Wonder Man realizes the error of his ways and turns on Zemo to help the Avengers when he first appears, sacrificing himself to save the team. To honor this sacrifice, Ant-Man saved Williams’ brain patterns, hoping to one day bring the hero back. Which he does, sort of. When evil robot Ultron goes insane and creates his own synthetic persona to emulate his creator Hank Pym (not Tony Stark, as in Avengers: Age of Ultron), the villain uses the recorded brain patterns of Simon Williams to create the Vision.

Second, Wonder Man came back to life and joined the team at a particularly important time in its history. After a few false starts, Simon Williams has fully returned to the world of the living in avengers #160 (1977). He quickly teamed up with the former X-Man Beast to become one of comics’ greatest superhero duos, bringing a buddy energy still unmatched by the other Avengers.

Finally, Wonder Man has a strange and fascinating history. Thanks to the mercurial nature of his ion energy-based powers, Wondie changes his appearance, power, and even personality every two years. Additionally, relationships with his brother Eric (a villain called the Grim Reaper) and Vision keep Wonder Man in constant tension. Sometimes he sees Vision as a brother, and other times as a rival, especially when Simon begins to fall in love with the Scarlet Witch. In short, Wonder Man is perhaps Marvel’s dirtiest hero, and his mere presence is enough to spark some delicious drama.

Wait, save. Is Wonder Man a visionary?

No, not exactly. In fact, Ultron based the Vision’s body on that of the original Human Torch, a World War II android who predated the Fantastic Four member. But Vision has the same memories and thought patterns as Wondie, which means the two sometimes find themselves working together and sometimes at odds.

That said, it seems unlikely that any of these connections will be used in the MCU. Both versions of Vision were created by Ultron and have magical chaos babies with the Scarlet Witch, but their similarities end there. Ultron in the MCU emulates his wacky creator Tony Stark and creates Vision from experimental synthetic flesh, leaving out both Wondie and the original Human Torch. Additionally, Kingsley’s casting as Trevor Slattery suggests that MCU Wonder Man won’t initially spend much time moping around with the Avengers.

. Man Marvel is on stitch make MCU really weird

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