Pathaan protests mount in Odisha as Shah Rukh Khan star faces Kalinga Sena’s wrath

It seems the controversy over Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, star of the latest Pathaan film, has yet to die down with protests breaking out in different parts of the country on the opening day of the spy thriller Wednesday.

In Odisha, Kalinga Sena activists held a demonstration outside several theaters in Bhubaneswar to protest against the film. Activists urged people not to watch the Pathaan film and even tore down posters of the film at Keshari Hall in the capital.

“Young people are influenced by the vulgarity shown in the film by actors including Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone across the country is aware of how obscenity has been promoted through the release of song Besharam rang,” an activist from Kalinga Sena said.

Another activist said people from all walks of life should come forward to boycott the Pathaan film.

Despite the raging protests, several King Khan fans approved of the film. “I liked and enjoyed the film. As it was after a gap of several years that a Shah Rukh Khan movie was released in theaters, we were eagerly awaiting its release,” said one viewer.

Another viewer said: “There is absolutely no vulgarity in the film. There are absolutely no daring scenes in the movie and anyone can watch it with their family members.

Not only Bhubaneswar, several religious organizations also staged a protest against the screening of Pathaan film in different parts of the country today.

(Reported by Chandan Paikaray)


. Protests Pathaan Multiply Odisha Then Star Shah Rukh Khan Face Anger Kalinga Sena

. Pathaan protests mount Odisha Shah Rukh Khan star faces Kalinga Senas wrath

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