I got my lips tattooed to be a pretty color – I didn’t know how puffy they would be or how red they would be

LIP filler and lip blush tattoo are two beauty procedures that have become increasingly popular lately.

One woman, Melissa O’Callaghan, shared the results of her lipstick tattoo on social media and many were shocked at the size.

Beauty fan Melissa O’Callaghan took to TikTok to show off her lipstick tattoo journeyCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan
For an entire week, Melissa O’Callaghan had swollen lips that were extremely redCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan
Melissa compared her lips to the behind of a baboon


Melissa compared her lips to the behind of a baboonCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan

Melissa took to TikTok to show the aftermath of her treatment and posted the clip with the caption “Trust the process that comes to mind”.

The Lip Blush tattoo is a form of lip micropigmentation.

It is a non-invasive, semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that uses color to create the effect of fuller, fuller, and defined lips.

Lip blushing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many Instagram and TikTok users showing off their results.

I had a lip filler but it went totally wrong - my upper lip was swollen and bruised
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Melissa is just one TikToker who shared her lipstick results and her video racked up over 253.1k views in just six days.

In the clip, the beauty fan first said, “Come with me for some lip blush,” as she shared an image of her lips before the treatment.

Melissa then shared a photo of a numbing cream she used to put on her lips before undergoing the procedure.

Following that, she shared an image of her lips immediately after the treatment, as she admitted, “So many things go through my mind.”

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Her lips had swollen massively and were extremely red.

She said, “Baboon buttocks come to mind.”

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In a photo that followed, Melissa is seen holding a large bag of ice cream to her lips, as she revealed, “Realizing I have a meal tonight.”

Melissa then shared a video of her lips during the “peeling phase”, where the extremely red tint is seen literally peeling off her lips.

A week later, after the swelling had gone down and the tint had peeled off, the beauty fan then showed off her new pink lips, saying, “Peeling all gone.”

Melissa was very impressed with her new lips, which are significantly more pink than before the treatment.

Melissa’s video quickly racked up 18.9k likes, 52 comments and 84 shares.

TikTok users were eager to learn more about the process and many were shocked by the severe bloat.

One person said, “How long did the healing take? I want this, but I work in a nursery and can’t handle the healing look there,” to which Melissa confirmed, “I wore a mask but it took about a week. Plus, I bloat so much with anything that yours might not look as bad”.

Another added: “Does it hurt??” to which Melissa replied “Ermm. It’s bearable, I would say the lip fillers are more painful”.

A third commented: “Omg I do lip blush never seen so good”.

However, many beauty fans were very impressed with Melissa’s final results, and many responded to comments to express this.

One woman noted: “Perfect color.”

A second agreed: “Sounds so nice”.

A third posted: “I’m obsessed”.

Melissa didn't expect her lips to swell or be so red after the procedure


Melissa didn’t expect her lips to swell or be so red after the procedureCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan
She shared footage of the peeling process


She shared footage of the peeling processCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan
But Melissa was very pleased with the results


But Melissa was very pleased with the resultsCredit: TikTok/@melissaocallaghan

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