A man who killed 4 members of his family stabbed his father 20 times

A man who killed 4 members of his family stabbed his father 20 times
A man who killed 4 members of his family stabbed his father 20 times

New Delhi: Police have found that the man who allegedly killed four people in his family in Palam, south-west Delhi, inflicted the maximum number of injuries on his father.
The father’s body had about 20 stab wounds, investigators said. The murder investigation revealed he was reprimanded by his father on Wednesday morning, which apparently prompted him to commit the crime.
During interrogation, the defendant, Keshav Saini (25), said he woke up late on Wednesday morning, when his father Dinesh Saini (50), got angry and scolded him for more 20 minutes, police sources said. “Dinesh berated his son… told him he was worthless, jobless and a burden on the family. Keshav became furious and walked out,” a source said.
Sources said the defendant was “a badass” and had no remorse for wiping out his entire family. “Even during the interrogation, Keshav was angry with his family members. He told us that when he murdered them, all he thought about was brutally killing them, especially his father,” a source said.
The accused also told police that he broke up with his girlfriend about a year ago. “Keshav told us he was completely broken, but none of his family members supported him and his father also berated him,” sources said. He also claimed that his father scolded him when his girlfriend was around. “We found out he stabbed his father 18-20 times,” a source said.
Police also said the defendant did not say anything about how he planned to dispose of the victims’ body parts. “Keshav recounted how he grew to hate his family for depriving him of money and other luxuries of life that he deserved, in his mind.”
He was a drug addict and was also sent to a drug rehabilitation center by his family, according to police. Saini had recently asked his parents for money but they refused, they said. He then went to his grandmother and sister and was also refused there. Everyone suspected he would spend the money on drugs, they added.


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