Warzone 2 has a ‘trash’ gas mask bug that WZ1 fixed

Warzone 2 has a ‘trash’ gas mask bug that WZ1 fixed
Warzone 2 has a ‘trash’ gas mask bug that WZ1 fixed

Warzone 2 made drastic changes to the original battle royale, but not all of the innovations caught on with community members.

Warzone fans lamented the loss of Verdansk and had a similar adverse reaction to the removal of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep from the game. The original Warzone servers are currently down and players can return to Caldera from the November 28.

Activision has developed Warzone 2 on a new engine, introducing a new weapon pool and map for players to explore. The highly anticipated Battle Royale sequel boasts a long list of new features, but a few quality-of-life features got lost in the transition.

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Warzone 2 players have pointed out a “frustrating” gas mask animation bug that was originally fixed in WZ1.


Warzone’s signature masks have been somewhat of a nuisance to get it right.

Warzone 2 players expose gas mask animation bug

Gas masks were a controversial item in Warzone 1. During the battle royale’s final season in August, the developers finally added a long-requested feature, allowing players to manually toggle gas masks.

Previously, Gas Masks would auto-equip when players were in the Storm, causing players to lose shootouts that they might otherwise have earned. A Reddit user posted a video in which the pesky automatic gas mask feature knocked a player into oblivion.

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Warzone 2 doesn’t prioritize parachutes over gas masks like Warzone 1 did, and it cost this player his life.

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A player replied: “They made some fixes in WZ1. There have been many improvements in WZ1 over the past three years, and unfortunately many have not been retained.

A second user added: “It’s a dumb* mechanic, there’s a good defense against it, and like a lot of things, it was literally fixed in WZ1 only to be kind of an issue again in WZ2.”

Some Warzone 2 players think this is a step backwards for the game and are demanding answers.

. Warzone trash gas mask bug WZ1 fixed

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