Why you might want to get rid of your gas stove

Why you might want to get rid of your gas stove
Why you might want to get rid of your gas stove

The 15-minute stick exercise that can help you find your goal, how evolution led to lactose tolerance in humans, and more.

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This 15-minute stick exercise can help you find your goal. Most have heard of a midlife crisis, but fewer are familiar with the tussle of desires that can occur in the “quarter of life,” the stage between adolescence and midlife. A simple drawing exercise developed by a psychotherapist can help people find a balance between their competing sides. write for NPR, Marielle Segarra details the five stages of the exercise: naming two aspects of your personality, creating a story for each, evaluating the desires and needs of these personalities, and the most difficult thing: finding how to fulfill them.

Cultivate a more meaningful life by “munching on joy”. It’s no secret that operating in this busy, uncertain and stressful world can hamper people’s efforts to enjoy the little things. While we often focus on big events to fill our cups with joy, research has shown that everyday experiences also bring a lot of meaning to our lives. Write for the Washington PostRichard Sima breaks down the science of joy and how researchers say we can find more “joy snacks” throughout daily life: including recounting past joyous times, highlighting positive experiences and practicing “ gratitude interventions”.

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Why you might want to get rid of your gas stove. While the gas industry argues that gas stoves are only a minor source of indoor air pollution, research suggests they can contribute to high levels of nitrogen dioxide in many homes, even when they are off. write for The conversationJonathan Levy explains why researchers and agencies, including the California Air Resources Councilexpress concern about hazardous emissions to indoor air from gas stoves.

How evolution led to lactose tolerance in humans. In a recent study published in Nature, researchers have tracked milk consumption in Europe throughout history and discovered a surprising trend. According to the study, our lactose-intolerant ancestors consumed dairy products to survive times of famine and disease, leading to the evolution of lactose-tolerant humans, writes Haley Weiss for Atlantic.


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