Neighbors describe fatal accident at Jenks’ home that started fire

Neighbors describe fatal accident at Jenks’ home that started fire
Neighbors describe fatal accident at Jenks’ home that started fire

A home in Jenks is destroyed after a woman veers off the Creek tollway and enters a house near West 33rd Avenue, starting a fire.

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Neighbors said it was their worst nightmare but are grateful that those inside the house were not injured. Soldiers said the driver died after her pickup drove through a fence and straight into the house. Fortunately, the family members inside got out before it caught fire.

“The car drove through here and crashed into the neighbor’s house.”

Kris lives right next to the Creek Turnpike. From Osage Sky News 6, the video shows how the driver veered off the toll road, through the fence into Kris’ garden and straight into the house, starting a fire which destroyed it.

“It was like a three ring circus,” he said. “There are fire trucks and all sorts of things and the truck was inside.”

Kris has four young children and couldn’t believe something like this happened so close to home.

“When I heard from my wife, I was just thinking about my kids — God they’re fine, what’s going on,” Kris said.

Jeff Erickson, who lives across the street, said neighbors all rushed to help comfort the family who escaped from the burned house.

“Half the neighborhood was here, they were bringing clothes, whatever they needed,” Erickson said. “There was a guy who said, I have a house ready to go if they need it.”

Soldiers said Mckenzie Gee, 29, of Sapulpa, was driving the car. Neighbors said they were told Gee may have suffered some sort of medical episode. Mckenzie’s boyfriend said he was a passionate person who always helped others. She was a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer and loved seeing people succeed and supporting others.

The neighbors said they wanted to see a barrier along the toll road, so this will never happen again.

“Something to protect the families here,” Kris said.


We are sorry to learn of the tragic loss of life in last night’s crash on the Creek Turnpike. Once completed, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol report will allow us to better understand the cause of the accident. With this information, we can better assess the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

It’s not uncommon for someone living near a toll road or highway to ask about barriers for their area. We take every conversation seriously. The OHP report of last night’s crash along with other traffic and engineering data will help us determine how to proceed.

. neighbors describe accident fatal in house Jenks who started fire

. Neighbors describe fatal accident Jenks home started fire

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