Wales football fans prepare for final leg of journey

Wales football fans prepare for final leg of journey
Wales football fans prepare for final leg of journey

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A group of Welsh football fans, making the 5,000 mile journey to the Qatar World Cup in an electric car, are still determined to make Wales’ first game after getting stranded in Jordan.

Former Cardiff City footballer Scott Young has been joined by Nick Smith, Huw Talfryn Walters and Walter Pennell – all from South Wales, on the cross-continental adventure dubbed Electric Car To Qatar.

After driving for 18 days through 17 countries and covering 3,800 miles in the MG4 car, nicknamed Morris, they were stuck in Jordan.

They were not allowed to cross the border into Saudi Arabia because Saudi laws prevent them from continuing their journey in a right-hand drive vehicle.

The group were told their only option was to turn around and return to Israel and take a ferry around the Middle East to Qatar – a two-week trip that would mean they would miss the game. Wales opener against USA on 21 November.

The drivers were on course to arrive in Qatar on Friday in time to meet the Wales team at their hotel – bringing with them video messages of support for the team picked up by fans along the journey.

But the delay at the border in Saudi Arabia means their only option now is to leave Morris behind and fly the final leg of their journey to Doha.

Speaking from Aqaba in Jordan, Mr Smith said: “We expected problems with the charging stations or even the car itself on a journey of this length and magnitude, but the car worked brilliantly and charging was no problem.

“Being stuck over a misunderstanding of paperwork has been frustrating as we were initially told we would be able to get the car through, but we are still determined to get to Qatar by Friday.

“We have been blown away by the support we have received from home as well as the build-up and excitement ahead of Wales reaching their first World Cup in 64 years, and we will be passing on our messages of support for Wales. equip everything you need now.

“What this whole incredible journey has shown us and everyone else is that EVs are capable, comfortable cars – Morris has driven 3,800 drama-free miles so far.

“We know the car would have taken us to Qatar and more, but the most important thing now is to celebrate how far we’ve come, both as a group of fans and in Wales as a footballing nation.”

. fans football wales prepare for last stage trip

. Wales football fans prepare final leg journey