LATAM A320neo crashes on takeoff in Lima and collides with vehicle

LATAM A320neo crashes on takeoff in Lima and collides with vehicle
LATAM A320neo crashes on takeoff in Lima and collides with vehicle

Although details are limited at this time, a LATAM jet had a fairly major accident on takeoff this afternoon…

LATAM plane hits vehicle on takeoff and catches fire

This incident involves an approximately five-year-old Airbus A320neo LATAM with registration code CC-BHB. The jet was supposed to operate a short 524-mile domestic flight between Lima (LIM) and Juliaca (JUL), LA2213, departing at 2:55 p.m. and arriving at 4:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, the flight never left the ground in Lima. According to airport security camera footage shared online, the plane was taking off from the runway when it collided with a vehicle.

According to data from Flightradar24, the jet reached a top speed of 127 knots (approaching the aircraft’s takeoff speed) before coming to rest near the end of the runway.

How far LA2213 went down the trail

From footage taken from other angles, it’s pretty clear that the incident involved an airport fire truck and multiple fire engines responding to an incident.

Social media posts show the plane was on fire when it came to rest, with extensive damage.

Some passengers posted on social media after they managed to evacuate. From a photo taken by one of the passengers, it looks like the right engine has separated from the rest of the plane.

The good news is that LATAM has confirmed that all passengers and crew members made it off the plane alive. Hopefully there are no serious injuries among the passengers. It’s truly amazing how tough planes are in incidents like this. What concerns me most, however, are those who were in the vehicle, as they were presumably at much higher risk in this incident.

My thoughts are with those people in the vehicle, as well as the passengers on the plane. What a terrifying accident.

I’m curious what was the cause

When it comes to plane crashes, this should be one of the easiest to understand. Presumably, the A320neo LATAM and the vehicle were not both cleared to be on the runway at the same time. The question therefore boils down to knowing whether the A320neo LATAM had take-off clearance or whether the vehicle had clearance to be on the runway.

As mentioned above, it appears to have been a fire truck that was hit. While there may very well have been an emergency, that doesn’t change the need for clearance to cross a runway (for that very reason).

So I guess the other question is why the pilots and the driver didn’t see each other. I can totally understand how the pilots wouldn’t have seen this, since we’re talking about a small vehicle (compared to the size of the plane), and the pilots are focused on other things during takeoff.

The bigger question is how did those in the vehicle not see the plane hurtling down the runway? It looks like the car just rolled down the track without the driver looking both ways.

At the end of the line

An Airbus A320neo LATAM had an incident this afternoon in Lima, when it collided with a fire truck during takeoff. Fortunately, all of the passengers managed to get off the plane alive, although there is no word yet on who was in the vehicle. I’m crossing my fingers and keeping everyone in my thoughts. What a terrible situation…

What do you think of this LATAM incident in Lima?

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. LATAM A320neo crashes takeoff Lima collides vehicle