Coronation Street fans devastated for Toyah Battersby as she makes disturbing discovery about Spider Nugent

CORONATION Street fans are devastated for Toyah Battersby as she is rocked by a Spider Nugent bomb.

The counselor – who is played by actress Georgia Taylor in the ITV soap opera – was devastated tonight when she discovered Spider was part of Griff’s racist gang, those who attacked Daryan.

Corrie fans devastated for Toyah as she discovers Spider Nugent1 credit
Spider denied being involved in the attack.1 credit

She recognized him from the video of the attack and reported him to the police.

But finding he was out, she confronted him – and he angrily denied it.

Meanwhile, Spider met his handler at the police station after being questioned and they insisted that Griff was a bigger target than just an assault.

But after being warned by his colleague that Griff had bigger plans and they had to be sure to corner him, Spider made a devastating decision.

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Summoning both Griff and Toyah to the pub, the former eco-warrior put on a show to break Toyah’s heart.

But for her, everything was real.

“You throw a bunch of trash,” she said, exposing Spider and Griff as racists.

“I thought we were the same. Of course I want to save the planet, but that’s hate speech. It’s racism.

“I never knew you, did I? Not the real you. Because all I can see now is a pathetic, hateful excuse for a human being and I could never love someone like that.

She left devastated but Griff had enjoyed the show.

And later, Griff welcomed Spider into the gang with open arms, but Toyah ended up sobbing alone on her couch.

And viewers are completely sorry for her.

One wrote: “Poor Toyah has lost her spider.

A second said: “Spider bless, let Toyah know I don’t want to see her heartbroken again.”

Another simply added: “Poor Toyah.

Griff welcomed Spider into the gang


Griff welcomed Spider into the gang1 credit
Toyah cried on the couch


Toyah cried on the couch1 credit

. fans Coronation Street devastated for Toyah Battersby so what makes a discovery troubling about Spider Nugent

. Coronation Street fans devastated Toyah Battersby disturbing discovery Spider Nugent

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