Three Basij militiamen killed in Iranian religious town

Three Basij militiamen killed in Iranian religious town
Three Basij militiamen killed in Iranian religious town

Iranian state media reported on Friday that three Basij militiamen were killed during protests in the religious city of Mashhad in eastern Iran on Thursday.

Mohsen Delavari, the governor of Mashhad, said these Basij forces were killed in “stabbing attacks” by people he called “rioters”.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic call the demonstrators “rioters”.

According to Delavari, several “thugs and rioters” planned to close shops with “threats and intimidation”, but when the Basijis “intervened to disperse them”, “the rioters killed two Basij members and injured three others. with bladed weapons”.

The Governor of Mashhad identified the dead as Daniyal Rezazadeh and Hossein Zeinalzadeh. Iranian state television later identified a third Basij militiaman killed in Mashhad as “Ebrahim Ghaffarian”.

Accusing opponents of the Islamic Republic of attacking government crackdown comes amid a situation where hundreds of protesters have lost their lives in two months of nationwide protests due to government violence, including injuries shot by security forces, law enforcement, civilians and Basij militiamen.

On Thursday, state media also reported that a police colonel was killed in the western town of Sanandaj and his car set on fire. On Wednesday, it was also reported that a commander of a special police force unit was killed in the central city of Isfahan.


. Three militiamen Basij killed in a city nun Iranian

. Basij militiamen killed Iranian religious town

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