Police lapses ‘contributed to murder of mother and daughter during 999 call for help’

Police lapses ‘contributed to murder of mother and daughter during 999 call for help’
Police lapses ‘contributed to murder of mother and daughter during 999 call for help’

“Both were murdered at the hands of Raneem’s ex-husband after a history of domestic violence, coercive control and harassment – which police were aware of at the time,” she said in a statement. communicated outside the court.

She added that the police “had so many chances to save their lives until the end” and that “the two were murdered while calling the police for help”.

On the night of their deaths, Ms Oudeh made four 999 calls to the police after Tarin harassed and assaulted her and her mother at a shisha restaurant. He followed the two women home and fatally attacked them while Ms Oudeh was on the phone with the police.

When she last called the police at 12.26am, she told them she would stay at her mother’s address in Solihull.

The officers called her back ten minutes later to tell her they would call her the next morning. During this call, we hear the cries of Mrs. Oudeh, shouting “he is there, he is there”.

Police called the house seven times in the weeks leading up to the murders

The inquest heard that police had been called to Ms Oudeh’s address on seven occasions in the weeks leading up to the killings.

His marriage to Tarin had broken down following the discovery that he had another wife and another family in Afghanistan. Ms. Oudeh told her family that he had threatened to kill her and her family if she left him.

An investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct found there were “missed opportunities” for West Midlands Police to take action to help Ms Oudeh before she and her mother were killed, IOPC Regional Director Derrick Campbell describing the circumstances of the case as “shocking and deeply disturbing”.

He added that, in the opinion of the IOPC Fund, the WMP treated each incident “in isolation” and did not take into account the “potential increase” in the frequency or level of violence from Tarin.

In a statement, West Midlands Police apologized to the family and said the “seriousness and pattern of abuse should have been better acknowledged” and action should have been taken against Tarin.


. The failings police contributed murder mother daughter when called ugly

. Police lapses contributed murder mother daughter call

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