Red Arrows members fired after toxic culture investigation

Red Arrows members fired after toxic culture investigation
Red Arrows members fired after toxic culture investigation

Several members of the Red Arrows have been fired following an investigation into their toxic culture, the Department of Defense has announced.

In a statement published on the RAF website, he confirmed that following allegations by individuals within the RAF’s aerobatic team, individuals had lost their jobs.

An internal investigation by the RAF Police Special Investigations Branch revealed a wide range of unacceptable behaviour.

It looked into specific allegations and as a result, “several RAF personnel have been investigated under the RAF’s major administrative action procedures”.

“These investigations led to a range of results up to and including RAF dismissals,” he said.

The statement said that although there were no criminal cases to be answered, the RAF continued to investigate the circumstances which led to the inquiry.

This comes after Flight Lieutenant Damon “Damo” Green left for personal reasons.

Air Marshal Sir Richard Knighton told the Commons Defense Select Committee earlier this week that one pilot had been made redundant and the future of another was to be decided imminently.

Non-statutory survey being finalized

He said: “On the Red Arrows case, a non-statutory inquiry has been completed, in terms of interviews, and is being finalized. A case has come to the Air Force Board and this individual will be removed from duty based on the evidence.

“A second person is due to appear before the Air Force Board soon, where we will review the case against that person and decide his or her future.”

The investigation was launched after allegations of bullying, misogyny, assault, sexual harassment and drunkenness were reported.

More than 40 staff, including young female recruits, gave evidence to the inquiry launched in December by Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston.

A source claimed that female recruits were considered “fresh meat” and that members of the 130-man squadron were “harassing” the women with WhatsApp messages.

Recommendations to improve behaviors and culture

The RAF added that the survey recommended a variety of measures to improve behaviors and culture in the unit.

He said many of these recommendations have already been implemented and “all are being pursued as a priority”.

They included actions to improve understanding of what is and is not acceptable and how to stop unacceptable behavior.

He added that the entire team has received extensive training on unacceptable behavior and ‘Walk on By’ cultures, while additional training on unacceptable behavior has also recently been implemented across the RAF. .

He added: ‘The RAF commends the actions of all those who have come forward to provide the inquiry and subsequent inquiries with their evidence. It is important that unacceptable behaviors are denounced and reported everywhere and at all times. We take all allegations of unacceptable behavior very seriously and will continue to take decisive action against anyone who fails to meet our high standards, in accordance with the Department of Defense zero tolerance policy.

. members Red Arrows fired after investigation toxic culture

. Red Arrows members fired toxic culture investigation

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