Police to flood Lagos-Ibadan highway with cops against kidnappers

Police to flood Lagos-Ibadan highway with cops against kidnappers
Police to flood Lagos-Ibadan highway with cops against kidnappers

Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the South West, Johnson Kokumo, revealed that the police authorities will increase his troop numbers and provide more patrol vans on the Lagos-Ibadan highway in a bid to hunt down the kidnappers and other armed bandits. on the road.

He made the revelation on Friday as he led other senior police officers on an on-site assessment of some hotspots along the route.

The PUNCH reports that this move was not unrelated to the recent upsurge in cases of kidnapping, banditry and other vices which has resulted in the death of many travelers while some kidnapping victims have paid substantial sums in ransom.

Kokumo said Inspector General of Police Alkali Baba Usman ordered him and Oyo Command Police Commissioner Adebowale Williams to carry out road safety surveillance and do the necessary recommendation that would put an end to kidnappings, armed robberies and other vices.

He said: “The Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba Usman, who is seriously concerned about the spate of kidnappings and other crimes along the Lagos-Ibadan highway, has asked me to come and see the things and draft the report with the Commissioner of Police, Oyo Command, Adebowale Williams to find a lasting solution to the heinous crime

“We have seen what and what was responsible for what could rightly be described as a cause of action and we will address it.

“We have made our observations. Where we do not have enough security personnel will be fixed. Also, areas where more patrol vans are needed for effective surveillance and rapid response to distress calls will be reviewed.

“We will draw the attention of relevant local government authorities and government agencies to the mature bushes and shrubs at the side of the highway. We want to have an express road where reasonable meters of roads are visible.

“Furthermore, we are calling on residents of communities along the highway to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in their efforts to catch the criminals. The authors are no strangers. They live among the people.


. police flood the highway LagosIbadan with of the cops against the kidnappers

. Police flood LagosIbadan highway cops kidnappers

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