Loose Men star Jake Quickenden undergoes testicular exam on live TV

Loose Men viewers have raved about Jake Quickenden after he had his testicles examined on live TV.

The former X Factor star, 34, appeared on the show alongside Vernon Kay, Larry Lamb, Olly Murs and Ade Adepitan for the fifth all-male Loose Women panel in the show’s history.

To support the Loose Women’s Stand By Your Men campaign and to highlight the importance of men talking about their health and other issues, the episode aired ahead of International Men’s Day.

Sitting at the table dressed in a dressing gown, Jake explained why it was really important for him to get tested for testicular cancer, after the deaths of his father and brother.

But, despite approaching his 30s, he only had his first full body check-up a few months ago, which he admitted as stars discussed ‘shame’ and ’embarrassment that men often feel when they go to the doctor.

Speaking about his health anxiety, Jake said: “For me, not checking is a way of putting it on your mind and not worrying about it. Sometimes I think if I got controlled and smelled something, it would eat me up.

Jake wants to raise awareness after losing his father and brother to cancer (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)
Dr Amir Khan performed a live exam on the singer (Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

“For me, it was always out of sight, out of mind,” he added, saying his family history of cancer added to his concerns as he believed he was also going to be diagnosed with cancer.

“But now, as I get older and have kids, I realized that was a stupid thing,” he said.

“We need to make sure we’re okay as men and have this conversation.”

Lorraine and Good Morning Britain doctor Amir Khan was then on hand to demonstrate a testicular exam, explaining why men should get checked.

The TV doctor explained the importance of knowing what is and isn’t ‘normal’ (Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Jake stood up during the exam, but normally a patient would be lying down.

Dr. Amir started by simply looking at Jake’s testicles to see if there was any obvious swelling, discoloration, scarring, or anything else that would point to a problem.

He then asked Jake if he felt any bumps or noticed any pain there.

Jake explained how he had trouble answering in the past, but he now knows that the question refers to “on the testicle” and not around.

Vernon Kay, Ade Adeptian, Jake Quickenden, Olly Murs, Larry Lamb on Loose Men
The Loose Men panel discussed everything from friendships to mental health (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Dr. Amir then felt Jake’s testicles one at a time, encouraging him to report if there was any pain.

The GP placed a finger behind and a thumb in front of the testicle and rolled it around to feel all sides, as well as the sperm ducts and blood vessels.

Jake assured the exam was painless and Dr Amir was “gentle”, who added that it is important to know what is “normal” for you.

Although there is no set time to check and there is some debate about it, you should regularly check for abnormalities, such as a lump, and make an appointment with your doctor if anything comes out. of the ordinary.

“Most often it’s not cancer. But, if it’s something we’re concerned about, we’ll refer you for further testing,” Dr. Amir said.

The process was very quick, and viewers at home were quick to congratulate the singer for his bravery.

“Big respect to LooseMen , Jake Quickenden and the Doc for showing how easy it is to save a life, and one day it could be yours,” one viewer tweeted.

‘It took balls for Jake to do that!! Good on him…check yourself guys out,” another wrote.

“I just saw some cowardly men Jake I applaud your bravery you’ll save someone’s life today for sure,” a third greeted.

And those comments are exactly why Jake said yes to the review.

“That’s why I’m doing this, if I can help someone sitting at home saying, ‘I’m just going to take a shower and write a little check.’ If it helped him, that’s all that really matters.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

How to check yourself for testicular cancer

Movember suggests giving your testicles a little feel every month while you’re in the bath or shower, it only takes a few minutes.

Roll one testicle between thumb and fingers to find out what is normal and repeat with the other.

If you notice a change in size or shape, a lump that wasn’t there before, or if they become painful to the touch, see a doctor.

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. Loose Men star Jake Quickenden undergoes testicular exam live