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El Salvador held hostage by gangs, analysts say

El Salvador held hostage by gangs, analysts say
El Salvador held hostage by gangs, analysts say

According to reports, President Nayib Bukele and his government did not negotiate a truce with the criminal groups, which he called terrorists, and launched a struggle to erase the so-called maras from the country in a bet that very few gave a chance of success. .

Salvadoran analyst Oscar Peñate said that thanks to official policy, there is now peace and quiet, especially when around 57,000 suspected gang members are in prison thanks to the implementation of the state of emergency. .

In an interview with El Salvador News, the expert said that in the past the country has reported high murder averages and violence is normal.

In previous governments, the number of deaths was over 30 in one day, he said.

For his part, the expert René Martinez highlighted the results of the frontal confrontation with gang groups which, according to him, is reflected not only in the reduction of violence, but also in the repositioning of El Salvador as a strong tourist destination on a global scale or a nation where investors set their sights.

As part of the economic results of the security policy implemented by the government, the two experts agreed that this paves the way for the negotiation of the free trade agreement with China which, once signed, will give the Salvadoran producers access to the world’s second largest economy, according to their estimates



. Salvador summer taken hostage by of gangs according to of analysts

. Salvador held hostage gangs analysts

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