SIU Acquits Officer Who Shot Gun Suspect During Oshawa Search

SIU Acquits Officer Who Shot Gun Suspect During Oshawa Search
SIU Acquits Officer Who Shot Gun Suspect During Oshawa Search

Police acted correctly in a confrontation that resulted in the shooting of an armed suspect in Oshawa, a provincial watchdog has found.

An officer who fired his weapon acted appropriately when faced with a suspect who was holding a handgun, according to a recent ruling by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

“It would seem highly likely that (the officer) fired his weapon in the belief that it was necessary to protect himself from a real risk of death or grievous bodily harm at the hands of the (suspect),” according to the report from the SIU Director, Joseph Martino, States.

“As a result, as there are no reasonable grounds to believe that (the officer) behaved other than within the bounds of the criminal law in his confrontation with the complainant, there is no reason to bring charges in this case.”

The SIU investigates incidents of serious injury or death and allegations of sexual assault involving police officers.

The SIU was called after the shooting, which occurred when Toronto officers arrived at the residence in the Simcoe Street North and Windfields Farm Drive area on the morning of July 20 to execute a search warrant in as part of a murder investigation. Because police suspected those in the home might be armed, the operation involved members of the Toronto Emergency Task Force, the report noted.

As cops burst into the home, the suspect exited through a second story patio, climbing over a railing and falling to the ground below, according to the SIU. The suspect (identified in the report as the complainant), who was holding a handgun, was ordered by cops to drop the weapon.

“A moment later, from a position southeast of the complainant, the (policeman) fired his handgun twice,” the report said.

The suspect was struck once, in the leg. Police recovered two handguns from where he fell, according to the report.

Although the officer did not cooperate with the SIU investigation – cops have the right not to participate in investigations – it is reasonable to infer that the officer felt threatened by the presence of the suspect’s weapon, the SIU concluded.

“The firearm in the complainant’s hand posed a serious and imminent threat to the life and physical integrity of the officer,” the report said. “The (officer), placed in the position he was in, and with only a fraction of a second to react to the situation in front of him, could only assume that the complainant might well fire his weapon.”

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. SIU Acquits Officer Shot Gun Suspect Oshawa Search