Who is Elena Dubaich? Meet the new stew as she replaces Kyle Viljoen in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7

Who is Elena Dubaich? Meet the new stew as she replaces Kyle Viljoen in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7
Who is Elena Dubaich? Meet the new stew as she replaces Kyle Viljoen in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7

Season 7 of Under the Mediterranean Bridge has replaced crew/cast members more than once since its premiere. In next week’s episode, the show will welcome a new daub named Elena Dubaich, who will join the team in place of Kyle Viljoen.

As viewers already know, Kyle injured his ankle after falling down the stairs in episode 17. He was seen in bed throughout the episode while the interior team worked around the clock. to serve charter guests. Looking at the workload, Chief Stew Natasha Webb made a tough call to replace her best friend Kyle for the final charter as the team needed someone to take over.

Fortunately, captain Sandy Yawn didn’t have to wait long to be replaced. Kyle’s departure was featured in episode 17, although the captain also hinted at his return. Meanwhile, Elena Dubaich will join the cast of Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 7 in episode 18 as a second stew.

Elena Dubaich previously worked as a superyacht massage therapist

Elena Dubaich is a newbie who joins Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 7, replacing Kyle Viljoen after spraining his ankle.

She will join the interior team in stew. Before the Bravo show, Elena worked as a massage therapist on a superyacht. According to her biography on the network’s site, Elena wanted a career in something that would allow her to explore the world. As a result, she enrolled in a massage school and later worked on cruise ships and luxury yachts as a flight attendant.

On Bravo’s site, Elena’s biography reads as follows:

“With an adventurous spirit, she started looking for a job that would be geared towards exploring the world. She attended a massage school where she found her true calling and went on to learn various treatments in London, Stockholm and Bangkok. She honed her skills on exclusive luxury cruise lines where she also offered yoga and meditation classes, before becoming a spa manager.

He keeps on:

“During the pandemic, she shifted her career to yachting as a spa hostess on charter yachts and private motor yachts. Elena is looking forward to opening her own massage school and sharing her skills with students from all over the world.

Elena’s profile further states that she was raised in Slovenia and her first job was as a translator after completing her bachelor’s degree in English and Russian. She has a knack for learning new languages, which helped her learn several dialects while spending her childhood in various Balkan countries.

Going by her Instagram account (@thebalkanbiscuit), Elena is a fitness enthusiast who “trusts in the natural flow of life”. She also seems like a person who likes to dress up and party – qualities perfectly suited to the Under the Mediterranean Bridge cast of season 7.

When Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 7 episode 18 aired?

Under the Mediterranean Bridge Season 7 Episode 18 is scheduled to air Monday, November 7, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. Elena will make her debut in the next episode.

Episode 18 is called Stuck in the hot plate with youand the official synopsis reads:

“A unique new crew member joins the final charter and the interior team scrambles to train her. The charter party includes two well-known NFL players, one of whom has a special food request that sends Dave into a rut. Natasha and Natalya try to bury the hatchet. When one of the charter guests loses a valuable item, Courtney feels compelled to help him achieve the impossible. Natasha and Dave are forced to confront a blast from the past under shocking circumstances.

This will be the final crew member charter. Only time will tell if Elena will be able to fill Kyle’s shoes or drown under the pressure of work.

Under the Mediterranean Bridge Season 7 airs new episodes every Monday on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET.

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. Who is Elena Dubaich Meet new stew so which replaces Kyle Viljoen in Deck Mediterranean season

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