New women’s minister slammed for views on abortion

New women’s minister slammed for views on abortion
New women’s minister slammed for views on abortion

A female MP who was appointed Minister for Women has been criticized for her views on abortion.

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, supported reducing the abortion delay and voted against buffer zones outside clinics to prevent people from harassing those attending clinics.

“While I respect Maria Caulfield’s right to hold personal or religious views, she must make it clear that she will leave them at the door when it comes to representing the views of the vast majority of women in this country who want safe and legal access. abortion,” said Emily O’Brien, Green Party parliamentary spokesperson for Lewes.

Ms Caulfield also voted against legalizing abortion in Northern Ireland and was previously leader of the ‘Pro-Life’ cross-party parliamentary group.

National charities and women’s rights groups have also condemned the appointment.

“We are horrified that a vocal opponent of abortion rights has been named Minister for Women,” said Harriet Wistrich, director of the Center for Women’s Justice.

“The vast majority of women want the right to choose.

“Her appointment signals a potential restriction of women’s reproductive rights, which in turn is an attack on women’s autonomy and freedom. We hope Maria Caulfield will keep her personal views on the abortion issue to herself.”

Appearing on BBC Politics Live, Ms Caulfield said: ‘We shouldn’t label someone anti-women because they voted a certain way on a certain vote.

“You should be allowed to have a different point of view and be respected.”

She opposed buffer zones outside clinics and said the six-month prison sentence was not “a proportionate response”.

Speaking on behalf of Lewes Greens, Ms O’Brien said Ms Caulfield’s ballot case on restricting access to abortion “cannot continue if she wants to stay in that role”.

Ms O’Brien added: “She must immediately issue a statement confirming that she will not let her own views interfere with women’s advocacy.”

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