Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump to pay court costs after conspiracy lawsuit dismissed

Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump to pay court costs after conspiracy lawsuit dismissed
Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump to pay court costs after conspiracy lawsuit dismissed

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Hillary Clinton has asked a federal judge to order former President Donald Trump and his attorneys to pay more than $1 million in legal fees and costs to cover expenses she and several other defendants have racked up to defend against a dismissed lawsuit claiming they conspired to sink Mr Trump. 2016 presidential campaign accusing him of collusion with Russia.

According to a case filed in federal court in Florida, Clinton is seeking to personally recover $176,412. Members of his 2016 presidential campaign, including campaign manager Robby Mook and speaker John Podesta, are also seeking to recover various legal fees. Mr. Trump’s lawsuit also accused the Democratic National Committee and the White House national security adviser.

“We vehemently deny the inflammatory allegations contained in the sanctions motion filed by the Clinton team,” Alina Habba wrote in a statement to Bloomberg. “This motion, conveniently tabled a week before Election Day, is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to score political points.”

Mr. Trump sued in March under a civil version of a racketeering law, claiming that Mrs. Clinton and several other Democratic-aligned organizations had conspired to undermine his campaign. The lawsuit was dismissed in September by Bill Clinton-appointed US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who wrote it was just a “manifesto”. Mr. Trump is appealing the decision.

In addition to his failure to prove the conspiracy allegations in the 193-page complaint, Mr Middlebrooks also noted that the suit was filed too late. Mrs. Clinton, in her filing, noted that the conduct presented as conspiracy evidence in the lawsuit was known to Mr. Trump in October 2017, meaning the four-year statute of limitations had expired by the time he filed his case. complaint.

Mrs Clinton also cites Mrs Habba’s appearances on conservative TV stations in the filing to support her claim that the lawsuit was filed for political purposes and not to right legal wrong.

“Plaintiff’s lawsuit was unwarranted on the basis of the facts, unsupported by law, and imposed significant burdens on both the defendants and this Court,” Mrs. Clinton’s attorneys argue in the filing. “Despite being alerted to the many shortcomings of the original complaint by a series of motions to dismiss, the plaintiff and his attorney pursued an amended complaint which resolved none of the issues.”

Mr. Trump’s decision to file a complaint under the Civil Racketeering Act, often used to prosecute organized crime, is just one of the unusual aspects of the case. Mr Trump ultimately won the election against Mrs Clinton despite his campaign’s claims that he was receiving support from Russia-linked actors, and did not file the case until well after a re-election campaign had concluded. losing against another opponent.

Mrs Clinton has consistently spoken out against Mr Trump since the two clashed in the 2016 presidential election, with the former secretary of state recently claiming far-right extremists had a plan to ‘steal’ the 2024 presidential election.

. Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump pays the charges justice after rejection lawsuit for conspiracy

. Hillary Clinton Donald Trump pay court costs conspiracy lawsuit dismissed

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