Experts explain where things went wrong for Liz Truss in live chat

Experts explain where things went wrong for Liz Truss in live chat
Experts explain where things went wrong for Liz Truss in live chat

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There is no doubt that British politics has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent weeks.

Liz Truss’ tenure as Prime Minister has been the shortest on record and it’s fair to say that her tenure has not been without drama.

With so much chaos developing around some of the decisions made by her and her administration, particularly around the mini budget, here at The Independent we wanted to take a closer look at exactly what was wrong.

To do this, we have brought together British experts in politics and economics for our latest virtual roundtable. It was moderated by our Chief Political Commentator John Rentoul and he was joined by our Associate Editor Sean O’Grady and Economist Julian Jessop.

The discussion ranged from the history of Trussonomics to whether Truss might have handled things differently, either during the leadership race or during his time as prime minister himself.

To watch the full event view the recording below

What went wrong for Liz Truss?

Mr Jessop kicked things off by saying: ‘The headline is that Trussonomics was largely a pro growth strategy and that was to be achieved through a series of tax cuts, that was a big part of it, but also a fairly large offer. reforms”.

Asked why Truss and former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng would not have realized the results of the mistakes they made along the way, Mr O’Grady said: ‘Other people who are smarter and wiser weren’t in the room and if they were in the room they weren’t being listened to. And they got down to it, fingers in their ears.

The panel also discussed what is likely to happen in the coming weeks and months with much speculation about the upcoming budget, as well as the chances of a general election being called.

To rewatch the event in its entirety, please view the recording in the video above.

To watch more recordings from our virtual event series, click here.

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