Dutch ‘strandbeests’ roam the beach in southern Taiwan

Dutch ‘strandbeests’ roam the beach in southern Taiwan
Dutch ‘strandbeests’ roam the beach in southern Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Six kinetic creatures by Dutch artist Theo Jansen will roam the beaches of Pingtung in a month-long exhibit as part of the Wind Blow to the Future festival.

Called “strandbeests” or “beach beasts,” the giant structures are skeletons that mimic animal movement, made of materials like PVC and nylon fabric. Although propelled by the wind, the exhibit could prove difficult as the creatures will have to brave the strong winds in southern Taiwan, according to organizers.

This will be the first outdoor performance of Jansen’s works in Taiwan, which were exhibited ten years ago. The show features six kinetic sculptures, all making their debut, and the largest, costing NT$4 million (US$124,307) can span 12 meters wide with its “wings” outstretched.

Strandbeests will roam Checheng Township Beach in Pingtung and perform at the Seaside Gallery (看海美術館). Performances are scheduled every day at the gallery at 10:30 a.m., each session lasting 10 minutes, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday between November 4 and February 5.

Visitors are advised to check beforehand whether the Kinetic Animals will be out for a ride as shows will be canceled if wind gusts exceed 5 on the Beaufort Wind Force Scale, defined as winds moving at a speed of 29 at 38 km/h. Operator Tim Denshire-Key said gusts of a scale of 7 (50-61 km/h) can be expected and will be a challenge for structures, per UDN.

Visit the Facebook pages of the “Wind Blow to the Future festival” or “iPingtung” for more information.


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