Heavy rain alert in effect for northern Taiwan

Heavy rain alert in effect for northern Taiwan
Heavy rain alert in effect for northern Taiwan

Taipei, Nov 2 (CNA) The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) warned residents of northern Taiwan of continued heavy rainfall on Wednesday as moisture remained in the atmosphere despite weakening seasonal northeast winds .

The CCB has issued a heavy rain advisory for the cities of Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung in the north and Yilan County in the northeast, which warns of accumulated rainfall of 80 mm or more over a period of 24 hours or rainfall of 40 mm or more in one hour.

The CWB said Keelung and Taiwan’s northeast coast in particular were the areas most likely to receive heavier rainfall because they directly faced northeast winds.

The bureau also warned of possible debris slides and landslides in mountainous areas after heavy rains in recent days.

As seasonal winds eased, daytime temperatures of 23 to 25 degrees Celsius were forecast for Wednesday in areas north of Taoyuan City and Yilan and temperatures of 26 to 30 degrees were expected in other parts of Taiwan. , the CWB said.

It also predicts a large temperature gap between day and night, with mercury expected to drop to 19-21 degrees after dark around Taiwan.

Strong winds were also possible in areas north of Tainan, as well as southeast and southern Taiwan, and open areas to the northeast and east could see high waves, according to the CWB.

Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), adjunct associate professor of atmospheric science at National Central University, said warmer daytime temperatures are expected to continue on Thursday before cooler air moves south from the northern Pacific. Friday.

Wu said low-lying areas around Taiwan could see the mercury dip as low as 16 degrees on Friday and Saturday, but the cool air is expected to lose strength from Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said air quality around Taiwan will be “good” to “fair” on Wednesday.

(By Chang Hsiung-feng, Tai Kuang-yu and Frances Huang)

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