Neon doctor still sees patients despite losing his office to flooding

FLEMING-NEON, Ky. (WYMT) – Neon received about ten feet of flood water in some locations last month, officials said.

Dr. Brenda Baker had water hitting the ceiling tiles in her office on Hwy 343 because it destroyed everything.

That said, Baker didn’t want to leave the community.

“If we just raised the stakes and went somewhere else, I think it probably would have had a very negative impact on the community,” she said.

Baker and his staff had to think quickly with so many patients needing care. They settled at Fleming-Neon Middle School.

“We installed panels in the former office of Doctor Baker. I taped up signs saying we were in the school building. And we had big signs on the school building. We just had big signs and we put them over there,” clinic coordinator Bonita Robinson said.

Now the office is temporarily in an RV and sees patients every day.

For Baker, it’s almost like a family reunion after everything that’s happened in a few weeks.

“Well, I’ve been here 30 years, so you know, I would say probably 80% of my patients are like family to me,” she said.

Baker said the office would stay in the RV for a few more weeks and then move permanently to a double-width of the 343 freeway.

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. doctor neon sees still of patients despite loss his office suite a flood

. Neon doctor sees patients losing office flooding

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