Watch hapless BMW driver break down after crossing flooded road in CONVERTIBLE

This is the moment an unfortunate BMW driver broke down after driving through a flooded road in his convertible.

The motorist also left the huge puddle with his front license plate snagged.

A BMW tried to drive through a huge flood1 credit
But he stopped abruptly as he left the water1 credit

He was filmed driving through the Rufford Lane Common Flood Point in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

There were woops, cheers and screams of children in the background as his gray BMW rolled straight into the body of water.

But he stopped abruptly as soon as he came out of the deluge.

It is believed that his car stopped working because the air box got wet.

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The motors will automatically shut down in these situations because they cannot filter enough air into the vehicle.

The clip cuts to the car with its hood up and the driver and another man inspecting the problem.

The second took the air filter and said, “It’s wet, look at that.”

The driver asks if the car will be okay if it runs dry, to which the other man says, “You might be lucky.”

Other cars including a Tesla, an Audi and a Range Rover made it through.

Ben Gregory, 19, from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, filmed the clips. He often spends up to 13 hours a day filming the spot.

He told BBC News in March: “I’ve seen cars floating around here before. Pickup trucks float. You just say to yourself, ‘Why?

The AA previously described the location as the “number one flooding hotspot”.

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The Environment Agency has also warned against driving this way when the ford is flooded.

Thousands of people watched videos of cars stuck in one place in March following heavy rain from Storm Franklin.

We think the airbox got wet


We think the airbox got wet1 credit

. Watch unhappy driver BMW fall breakdown after having crossed a road flooded in CABRIOLET

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