In freak accident, downed power lines kill 2 CNY teenagers, but 2 others narrowly escape unscathed

Redfield, NY — A downed tree on a dark rural road after a storm caused a pickup truck with four teenagers to crash into a ditch in Oswego County, deputies said.

What happened next Wednesday night was a freak accident that left two teenagers dead. Two others, who witnessed the tragedy, narrowly avoided the live wires. In the darkness, they had to wander down the road looking for help.

Like anyone who has just had a scary accident, the driver, Madysen Young, 17, and her three passengers all got out of the van to assess the damage, Oswego County Sheriff Don Hilton said Friday in a interview with | The Post Standard. None of them had been injured in the accident itself.

Young moved to the front of the truck, but she stepped on a downed power line and was electrocuted, Hilton said.

Matthew Bice, 17, also moved forward, came into contact with a power line and was electrocuted, the sheriff said.

It’s unclear if Bice went to help Young or just didn’t record what happened to her before taking that step towards her, Hilton said.

Power lines were tangled in the branches of the downy tree and strewn across the road, Hilton said.

The other passengers, two 16-year-old boys, saw what happened to the other two teenagers, Hilton said. By luck or cleverness, they themselves avoided the power lines, he said.

It all happened around 10:45 p.m. on County Road 17 in Redfield about an hour after a powerful storm hit Oswego County.

Both boys didn’t have their phones and didn’t want to risk going back to the pickup and downed power lines, Hilton said. The boys started walking down the road, hoping they could find help, he said.

County Route 17 is a two-lane rural road lined with tall trees. The road has little to no lights illuminating the road at night.

Eventually, a passerby saw the boys and called 911 after the boys tried to explain what had happened, Hilton said.

MPs were inundated with calls related to the storm when they received the call that two people may have been electrocuted after an accident, Hilton said.

Many roads in the area were littered with downed trees and downed power lines as the storm passed through, Hilton said.

As emergency crews rushed to the scene, they realized they needed National Grid crews to cut the power before they could get to Young and Bice safely, Hilton said. MPs told National Grid to prioritize that call, Hilton said.

National Grid crews took about 30 minutes after the crash was reported to respond, according to dispatches from the Oswego County 911 center. The crew had to cut power to a power plant in Sandy Creek, Hilton said.

It is not yet known exactly how long it took to cut the power.

After the electricity went out, first responders were able to reach Young and Bice. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Bice, of Albion, graduated from the Pulaski School District this year, according to a notice to parents released by the district.

Young, of Sandy Creek, was entering his senior year at Sandy Creek High School, according to the notice.

The accident happened in the area of ​​6200 County Route 17.

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. In accident abnormal of the power lines fallen kill teenagers CNY but others sen come out narrowly unscathed

. freak accident downed power lines kill CNY teenagers narrowly escape unscathed

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