Tips to lower your energy bills: How to cut your gas and heating costs this winter | Personal finance

Tips to lower your energy bills: How to cut your gas and heating costs this winter | Personal finance
Tips to lower your energy bills: How to cut your gas and heating costs this winter | Personal finance

A typical household will now face a monthly energy bill of £363 as Ofgem raises the energy price cap to £3,549 a year from October. Savings expert Nick Drewe of online discounts group WeThrift has shared some tips for reducing a household’s gas and heating bills.

Checking bills regularly is a good habit as suppliers may make mistakes when billing customers and the rate may have changed.

This can be particularly important for those who work from home, as utility bills for water, power and mobile data are all “likely to increase” during the winter, Mr Drewe said.

A practical way to reduce heating costs is to ensure that radiators are turned off in rooms that do not require heating.

Thermostatic radiator valves can help regulate the temperature in rooms by turning off the heating if a room is not in use.

Setting a timer is another way to make sure the heater only runs when it’s needed, so you don’t waste heat.

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Consumers should also take the time to understand their energy bill, by reading the terms and conditions and trying to understand their tariff.

Key bill items to consider include the personal projection, which is the amount the household is expected to spend over the next 12 months.

The Tariff Comparison Rate is also worth looking at, as it shows how much the person is spending per kilowatt hour of gas and electricity.

Knowing this information will help monitor consumption and make it easier to compare energy offers to see which is the cheapest.

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Brits can also cut costs by having their boiler serviced regularly and having an energy audit.

Mr Drewe said: “A maintained boiler will automatically help you save money as it will help it to operate at its most efficient level.

“You can also maximize your savings by having an energy audit which will identify areas where there is excessive energy waste.”

People who live alone may have additional ways to reduce their cost of living, including a 25% reduction on their council tax bill.

It could save someone hundreds of pounds a year, which could be a key saving as prices rise.

Mr Drewe said: “It is also worth checking any benefits you may be entitled to, often based not just on your individual salary but on total household income.

“Those who live alone may be eligible for financial assistance that you don’t receive.”

The financial support charity, Turn2us, has an online benefits calculator that people can use to work out what help they are entitled to.

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