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Why do hands, face and feet swell?

If a person wakes up in the morning and has swollen hands, stiff hands, then thyroid pathology can be suspected. After carrying out the necessary examinations, this diagnosis will be confirmed or we will look for the causes further. Zukhra Pavlova, a well-known Russian endocrinologist, wrote about this on her Telegram channel.

“If a person’s face swells first, there are bags under the eyes, then the swelling spreads all over the body, then we check the kidneys first.

Edemas can be localized, such as swollen feet. In this case, we must also first look at the heart and the cardiovascular system”, explains the specialist.

According to Doctor Pavlova, edema also occurs when there is a lack of protein in food, usually with certain extreme diets.
Without protein, it is impossible to retain the liquid part of the blood in the vessels, and it rushes into the tissues, causing edema.

“In general, edema can develop in a very large number of pathologies.
Very often they develop with cardiovascular diseases.
Edema can last for years and can quickly lead to death – for example, with pulmonary oedema.

Edema can develop against a background of allergic reactions, infectious diseases and burns.

Edemas occur with a lack of water in the body when the body concentrates fluid in the intercellular space.

In any case, you cannot fight them with diuretics, you need to consult a doctor and eliminate the cause. Careless use of diuretics leads to irreversible organic changes in kidney tissue and even cardiac arrest,” the endocrinologist concluded.

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