Ohio man wakes up from coma after being stung by bees more than 20,000 times

Ohio man wakes up from coma after being stung by bees more than 20,000 times
Ohio man wakes up from coma after being stung by bees more than 20,000 times

An Ohio man who was placed in an induced coma after being stung more than 20,000 times by bees has awakened, according to his family.

On Friday morning, 20-year-old Austin Bellamy was hitched to a lemon tree where he was instructed to cut some of its branches while his grandmother and uncle watched from below. While cutting the branches of the tree, he accidentally cut a bee’s nest, sending thousands of buzzing stingers into the yard.

“He was just covered in bees,” Shawna Carter, his mother, said in an interview with WCPO-TV on Thursday. “Scream and scream, scream for help.”

The young man would end up suffering more than 20,000 bites from insects which were later identified as African killer bees, his mother told Ripley firefighters.

The fire department in the small town, located about 50 miles southeast of Cincinnati, also said they had to cut the 20-year-old from the tree because after suffering the stings, he n couldn’t get out of the harness.

He was placed in a medically induced coma shortly after arriving at hospital as medics struggled to extract the 30 bees from Mr Bellamy’s throat. In addition to the bites, he had also swallowed dozens of swarming insects.

“They were sucking the bees out of his airways from Saturday night to Sunday morning,” his mother told WCPO-TV.

In an update posted on the Ohio man’s GoFundMe, hosted by his mother, she shared the good news that her son was awake and had been removed from the ventilator he was placed under less ago. of a week. She also noted that he still had difficulty breathing on his own.

“Austin is still in the hospital with breathing issues, his oxygen keeps dropping and he still can’t walk very well, still very wobbly, but a lot of the swelling has gone down a lot,” he said. she writes.

Although her son is still in the hospital and would likely stay there a little longer as he recovers from the thousands of inch-long stingers that remained lodged in his head, neck, arms and legs, his mother told WCPO-TV that she is grateful that her son seems to be out of the woods.

“I don’t know how I’m going to thank everyone,” Ms Carter said, before pausing to give special thanks to the emergency responder who managed to get her son down from the tree and perform a makeshift tracheostomy in his throat so he can continue to breathe despite the dozens of bees swarming there. “Craig is Austin’s angel, he saved his life and means a lot to us.”

The online fundraiser, intended to help offset Mr. Bellamy’s medical expenses and recovery, had raised more than $16,000 as of Friday, far exceeding its initial goal of $10,000.

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. Ohio man wakes coma stung bees times

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