Cleanup continues after coal mine accident floods Fayette County community

PAGE, W.Va. (WVVA) – A coal mining site accident flooded a community in Fayette County on Aug. 24.

It happened along Highway 61 in Page on August 24 at a mining operation owned by Resliient Mining.

Fayette County Commission Meadows. Allison Taylor said she was told the accident may have been caused by a high-walled machine cutting into an abandoned mine shaft. She said some pedestal pools emptied, prompting the second community rush. A few residents reported property damage, including a homeowner who contaminated the well water as a result.

Crews could be seen clearing at least two homes with sludge-covered yards on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection released the following statement on the incident:

“On August 24, Resilient Mining notified WVDEP that it had cut into underground mine workings during its licensed operations, which resulted in a release of water (not coal slurry) from the underground mine which submerged a sediment ditch. When the Incident occurred, a rush of water left the permit area and descended into Glenco Hollow and overwhelmed the culvert under County Road 61. This caused water to back up onto the County Road 61 and impacting several citizen yards with mud and debris. WVDEP personnel responded immediately to the incident and observed that the release was under control and a sediment ditch had been re-established. The agency has issued a cease and desist order.

“WVDEP staff also carried out a stream assessment and took samples at the outfall and at several points in the stream. The results of the samples collected are still pending, but field findings on the days of our investigations showed several specimens of aquatic life present in the creek. Resilient Mining personnel have been on site since the incident and are working to clean up and repair residents’ yards and walkways. , as well as all access roads and parking lots that have been affected.

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. cleanup chases after quun accident coal flooded community county Fayette

. Cleanup continues coal accident floods Fayette County community

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