Wisconsin judge decides Nicolae Miu will stand trial

Wisconsin judge decides Nicolae Miu will stand trial
Wisconsin judge decides Nicolae Miu will stand trial


Nicolae Miu, 52, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, is charged with one count of murder and four counts of attempted murder in connection with a stabbing on the Apple River in Wisconsin on July 30. (FOX9)

HUDSON, Wis. (FOX 9) The man accused of fatally stabbing a teenage boy and injuring four others while tubing down the Apple River in Wisconsin will face trial for murder, a judge said in a preliminary hearing on Friday.

St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Michael Waterman found there was enough evidence to Nicolas Miu52, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, will be arraigned on Thursday, September 8.

Miu has been charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of Isaac Schuman, 17, of Stillwater, Minnesota, and four counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the incident. of July 30.

During the hearing, Lt. Brandie Hart, who heads the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Unit, said Miu told investigators he acted in self-defense and seized a knife used by one of his attackers, but investigators had reviewed video taken by a bystander that showed Miu using a knife in his pocket.

Defense attorney Corey Chirafisi, who previously represented Kyle Rittenhouse, cross-examined Hart and attempted to establish the basis for a self-defense claim by asking him to confirm that the video showed Miu being surrounded by the group of teenagers before retiring. his knife and only stabbed those who approached him first.

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Judge Waterman noted that the hearing was not to determine Miu’s guilt, but based on the testimony, there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial.

Accusations of stabbing Apple River

The criminal complaint against Miu details the stabbings on the Apple River near the Sunrise Bridge in Somerset, Wisconsin, which allegedly began after Miu was apparently looking for a friend’s cellphone in the river, but was confronted by tubers who said he was acting sketchy. The encounter escalated and he apparently punched a woman on the left side of her face before Miu was punched, which ultimately led to the stabbing.

According to the criminal complaint, witnesses began calling 911 at 3:47 p.m. on July 30, which indicated that there were potentially four or five victims with mid- and upper-body injuries and that one of the “victim’s intestines hung from their body”.

One victim, later identified as Schuman, was found with no vital signs and a puncture wound in her upper abdomen near her left breast. He was pronounced dead at Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater, according to the charges.

Other victims suffered injuries, including a cut to the abdomen that exposed internal organs; another victim was stabbed in the lower left abdomen; a fourth victim had a stomach laceration and a puncture wound to the left upper torso; and the fifth victim had a stab wound to the upper left abdomen.

When authorities arrived, they learned that the suspect, later identified as Miu, had run up the river and into the woods on the west bank. A witness called police at 4:45 p.m., reporting seeing the suspect downstream in Prospect Park. He was held at Rivers Edge Campground in Somerset. He was there with a group of friends and his wife, the charges said.

Miu’s wife told investigators that she and Miu arrived at the campground at 10:45 a.m. Saturday to float down the river. She said her husband donned scuba gear and left the group to try to find a friend’s mobile phone lost in the river near the bridge, the complaint states. The second time he went for it, a bunch of guys came out of their tubes and started beating him. She saw this and shouted at their friends, two of whom started running towards the fight.

She heard screams, then saw Miu and the two friends run back, noting that she hadn’t seen what had happened, the charges said. She said the two friends weren’t involved; Miu was already on her way home when they joined her.

Miu’s wife told investigators that Miu had a knife in his pocket and he told her, “These guys took it from him,” adding that the group called him a pedophile and attacked him, according to the charges.

The complaint says witnesses reported that a man, later identified as Miu, was disturbing a group of youngsters on their tubes and the tubers were screaming for help as others floated down the river. A group of people then stood between the tubers and Miu, asking her to leave.

Witnesses said Miu slapped or punched a woman who was part of the group facing her, then a man punched Miu, knocking him into the river, according to the complaint. Witnesses then said that Miu began stabbing several people who were near him using a 3-inch folding knife.

Authorities located the knife a short distance upstream along the west bank of the river, according to the complaint. Tubes, including those that appeared to have bloody flesh attached, were found tied together with items belonging to the victims.

Investigators also obtained video of the incident, the complaint states. The video, which was also central to the preliminary hearing, showed Miu shirtless, wearing goggles with a snorkel strapped to the band and he is clutching their tubes as the band yells at Miu to get away. Miu then walks around the tubes, as if looking for something, before walking away turning his back on the tube party. He then turns around and says something to the tubers before heading back towards the Highway 35 bridge.

The video, according to the charges, then shows people converging on Miu, yelling at her to move away. He then walked towards a woman who told him to go away. In the video, someone can be heard saying that he was “looking for little girls”. Then a larger group converged on the area and several people were yelling at Miu, with at least one person touching her shoulder.

Later in the video, it appears that two women are confronting Wiu and he pulls out his knife. The camera pans away and the commotion begins with several people converging on Miu, the complaint says. Miu then falls back into the water and is slapped with an open hand. He then gets back on his feet before being pushed back by a man in a yellow swimsuit. He then begins to climb out of the water with his knife in hand and the person in the yellow swimsuit jostles him again. That’s when Miu stabs him in the abdomen.

The video then shows Miu making stabbing motions towards others as at least one person touches her back, the charges said.

. Wisconsin judge decides Nicolae Miu stand trial

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