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Radio host has ridiculous excuse for saying monkeypox is ‘the great gay disease’

Radio host has ridiculous excuse for saying monkeypox is ‘the great gay disease’
Radio host has ridiculous excuse for saying monkeypox is ‘the great gay disease’

Kyle Sandiland said he was “giving gay people the warning” after describing monkeypox as the “great floating gay disease”. (YouTube/Kyle and Jackie O)

Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands defended his comments calling monkeypox a “great gay disease”, saying it “gave gays the warning”.

Sandilands faced huge backlash after talking about monkeypox on his KIIS FM show Kyle and Jackie O on August 23, when he described the virus as the “big gay sickness floating around”.

He also said that “only gay people” get monkeypox, which is incorrect because several health officials have said anyone can get the virus.

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Hornery described in a column how the radio host hit a “new low” with the hateful comments. Hornery recently came under fire in June after the newspaper planned to publish an article about Rebel Wilson’s homosexual relationship before she could approach him on his terms.

Sandilands hit back at Hornery’s comments and said the Sydney Morning Herald “I tried to spoil [him] and edited what [he] said to make it clear that [he] was a hateful homosexual,” 7 News reported.

“Andrew Hornery tries to pass the hot tomato…because all gays hate him remember because of Rebel Wilson coming out and he tries to blame me because I dared to tell all gays ‘do watch out for the smallpox of money’,” Sandilands said.

He continued, “I didn’t even say anything bad about gay people.

“Gays get monkey pox. It was a warning.

“Nobody else is giving the warning to homosexuals.”

Kyle Sandiland says he got backlash because he “dared to let all gay people know ‘beware the money pox'”. (Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

Brooklyn Ross, an openly gay newsreader, said the health community said “not enough media is reporting monkeypox is the gay virus.”

To which, Sandilands claimed that the media were now “all so wide awake” that they “didn’t want to offend anyone”. He added: “Watch out gays, watch out for this huge disease.”

While monkeypox has gay men disproportionately affectedit is not exclusive to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The UN has warned that some reporting on monkeypox could “reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes and exacerbate stigma”. Other health experts said the rhetoric around the virus could easily become “homophobic” and explained that there is a “tremendous risk of stigmatization” towards LGBTQ+ people.

The World Health Organization has also warned that “Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus”.

Sandilands’ comments on monkeypox have been called “hurtful” and “deeply unnecessary” by the Australian Federation of AIDS Service Organizations.

Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton denounced Sandilands on Twitter and said the radio host should

if he “can’t say something constructive”.

The management of audio company ARN said in a statement that Sandilands is “renowned for its colorful vernacular”. The company said it appreciates that “those unaccustomed to his expressions may take the content as an opinion” and said the show’s “range of topics” was not “to the tastes of everybody”.

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