Harry Styles fans exasperated by ‘skyrocketing’ tour ticket prices amid UK cost of living crisis

Harry Styles fans exasperated by ‘skyrocketing’ tour ticket prices amid UK cost of living crisis
Harry Styles fans exasperated by ‘skyrocketing’ tour ticket prices amid UK cost of living crisis

Harry Styles fans are infuriated by his tour ticket prices ‘spiking’ amid the UK’s cost of living crisis.

Last week, the artist announced the extension of his Love on Tour dates, much to the delight of his fans. However, with platinum ticket prices skyrocketing to almost £330 on average, fans are now blasting the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer on Twitter.

“For a performer who comes from the UK and is fully aware of a life crisis, Harry Styles is enjoying his popularity now with these ticket prices,” one wrote.

A second argued that “it should be illegal”, saying Ticketmaster almost doubled the prices an hour after buying them.

“Hey Harry it’s not that Poland doesn’t want to buy your tickets,” said another. “It’s that we’re not going to pay almost a month’s salary for a ticket because of the price of platinum.”

One joked, “When will Biden forgive Harry Styles concert ticket debt?”

The Independent has reached out to Styles’ rep for comment.

Harry Styles Love On Tour Tickets Screenshot by Ticketmaster

(Orlamargaret/Twitter screenshot)

This isn’t the first time music fans have been outraged by inflated prices on Ticketmaster. In July, Bruce Springsteen fans were furious with what the ticketing site called “dynamic pricing”.

This “dynamic pricing” program is comparable to Uber’s “surcharge” pricing, which sees prices increase with demand for certain “platinum tickets”, which are placed in each venue.

The system responds to demand, raising or lowering prices based on the price at which resellers would resell them, keeping the money in-house for the seller and the artist.

Ticketmaster responded to the backlash from Springsteen fans by sharing stats that revealed 88.2% of tickets were sold for an average price of $202 (£167), with 1.3% of tickets costing over $1,000 (£830).

According to the Ticketmaster website, its goal is to “give the most passionate fans fair and secure access to the most in-demand tickets while allowing artists and everyone involved in organizing live events to set the ticket prices as close as possible to their fair value”.

Styles’ Love on Tour concert resumes its UK leg with two shows in Coventry on May 22 and 23, 2023, followed by a stop in Edinburgh on May 26, 2023.

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. Harry Styles fans exasperated skyrocketing tour ticket prices cost living crisis

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