British tourist stabbed in Barcelona while trying to fight off bag thieves

British tourist stabbed in Barcelona while trying to fight off bag thieves
British tourist stabbed in Barcelona while trying to fight off bag thieves

A British tourist in Barcelona has been stabbed after trying to fight off thieves who snatched his bag from him in a gruesome ordeal caught on camera.

The man, who needs hospitalization, can be seen wrestling with another man in a video uploaded of the incident on Thursday night on the streets of the Spanish city.

He can be heard shouting, “Where’s my shit, where’s my necklace, where the fuck is that.”

Another Briton filming on his mobile phone yells at one of the men: “You’re on camera mate, you wanna give it back man.”

The suspected thief managed to get away after appearing to put a blade to his victim’s face and fleeing with a stolen shoulder bag. Three others ran after him.

It is understood that the four men approached the British tourist and snatched a necklace from him in Plaza Sant Josep Oriol.

The four suspects were all arrested soon after in the same area.

A spokesman for the Mossos d’Esquadra Regional Police said: ‘Four men were arrested following a robbery in Plaza Sant Josep Oriol last night around 8pm.

“Our officers made two of the arrests and the other two arrests were made by the Guardia Urbana who are employed by the town hall.

“I can confirm that the victim was taken to hospital with stab wounds, but his injuries were not serious.

“His stolen belongings were found when the men were arrested. They are in custody and will now appear before a judge.

The incident happened about two and a half hours before another man was arrested in a nearby square in the same Raval neighborhood for another stabbing.

At around 4 a.m. on Friday, two men who had stabbed a third in a row were also being held in Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia district. In June, a wealthy American tourist had his designer watch mugged outside his hotel in Barcelona.

Last month a thief was filmed stealing from a Barcelona beach – as a holidaymaker interviewed on Spanish TV raved about the city’s good food and weather.

The scammer appeared in the background as the tourist replied, ‘I love Barcelona’ after the reporter asked him what he thought of the Catalan capital for a live broadcast.

The interview continued uninterrupted as the criminal bent down to pick up an unattended backpack from under his pants and walked away as the eager stranger continued: “The beach is very beautiful, the water is clean and cold.

Seconds later, the bewildered owner of the backpack that had been taken came into the scene, shouting, “Someone stole my stuff, did anyone see it?” and nearly ran into the film crew as he walked around shouting, “My bag.”

The footage, shown on Spanish public broadcaster TVE at Barcelona’s famous Sant Miquel beach, went viral when police revealed they had tracked down and identified the suspect.

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