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It is unusual for the government to commission legal advice into the running of the Commons and raise questions about the supremacy of Parliament.

Chris Bryant, chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee, questioned why the Cabinet Office commissioned legal advice from a senior QC on behalf of Mr Johnson, an individual.

Mr Bryant, a Labor MP, has withdrawn from his committee’s inquiry into whether Mr Johnson misled the Commons.

If Mr Johnson is found in contempt he could be suspended from Parliament – and even risk losing his MP seat in a by-election.

How Johnson could return

However, Mr Johnson is likely to run for the premiership again after winning the money, provided he escapes parliamentary censure on the party door, a close ally has claimed.

Lord Marland, a Tory peer who led Mr Johnson’s campaign for London mayor and is a longtime friend, said there was a “strong possibility” he was aiming for No 10 again.

He described the scenario in which he could return, which would not be great news for his successor.

Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will take over on Monday after voting in the Conservative leadership race closes at 5 p.m.

Here’s an hour-by-hour guide to how the new Prime Minister will be revealed and how his first days are likely to unfold.

Ten rules to follow

With Mr Sunak or, as is commonly expected, Ms Truss due to move into Number 10 in a few days, what advice might be useful for the next Prime Minister?

Matt Ridley joined Christopher Hope to give his ten rules for the next conservative leader to respect in the last episode of our Chopper’s Politics podcast.

Whoever leads, they hope they don’t face many incidents like today in the Commons, where Extinction Rebellion protesters glued themselves to the Speaker’s chair after posing as tourists to enter the building.

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Around the world: “Assassination attempt” in Argentina

The suspected gunman who failed to assassinate Argentina’s vice president has a Nazi tattoo, it has been reported after his arrest for the failed attempt on the life of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Fernando Montiel is accused of pointing a handgun at Ms. Fernandez de Kirchner’s face as she greeted supporters outside her Buenos Aires home on Thursday night. The 69-year-old, former chairman of the Peronist Left, only survived because the semi-automatic .32 caliber Bersa, which was loaded with five bullets, jammed. Mr Montiel, 35, was quickly subdued by security officers after the attempted point-blank shooting and is now in police custody. Look at the shocking incident.

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