Jess, married to First Sight UK, hints she once dumped Pjay with a cryptic tweet about him ‘living with his mum’

MARRIED At First Sight British star Jess Potter has hinted that she has already dumped Pjay Finch after a cryptic tweet.

The reality TV favorite – who shot to fame on dating show E4 this week – told a fan that her new husband is staying with his mum while she stays at her four-bedroom home.

The star was seen marrying Dreamboys star Pjay last night1 credit
Jess hinted that the wedding is already over1 credit

Jess, 31, was seen getting married to Pjay, also 31, on Married At First Sight UK – but their wedding didn’t quite go to plan.

The dentist was seen bursting into tears after walking down the aisle when she found out her husband was a Dreamboys stripper.

She threatened to skip their glamorous honeymoon as she fumed, “I don’t want to date a stripper!”

Now Jess has hinted the couple have already split with a cryptic tweet about where they live.

Married at first sight, the British star defends his

A fan of the show had spoken out against Jess, after she complained about her husband’s job – saying he could “take care of her”.

However, the reality star shot back: “I doubt it, hence why I have a four bed house and he lives with his mum.”

It comes after Jess defended her “overreaction” to her husband’s job after being slammed by fans.

The reality TV star – who was seen getting married on the controversial E4 dating show last night – has explained why she was seen sobbing when her husband Pjay Finch revealed his stripping career- teaser.

She was in shock after finding out her new beau had a career as a stripper with the Dreamboys.

Harry Potter’s lover Jess was left devastated by the shock revelation and insisted she would not be going on honeymoon with him as she cried.

Speaking to the camera, Jess’ emotions boiled over as she exclaimed, “I don’t want to date a stripper!” – and fans were furious.

Many criticized the dentist for ‘judging’ her husband and his career – as they called his sobbing an ‘overreaction’.

Now Jess has defended herself in an Instagram Stories post, saying she fears her career is “going to ruin her mind”.

“I wasn’t judging Pjay, but going into this experience, I literally said don’t get with a stripper or anyone who works in nightlife,” she explained of the scenes.

“I need someone to be present in my relationship, I was in shock. It’s more my trust issues and not being able to see my husband on the weekend, I have nothing against him being a stripper.

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“I don’t think I can deal with it because it would mess with my head and my mental health is more important.”

“I told the experts I would never date a stripper, so I was in shock when he told me his job,” Jess later added. “I had the right to say what I do and what I don’t like.

“I said I don’t want anyone to be away for work, personally I can’t handle it, I’m too needy.”

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