World leaders allow Taiwan to participate in the UN

World leaders allow Taiwan to participate in the UN
World leaders allow Taiwan to participate in the UN

As members of the United Nations prepare for their annual meeting in New York, we call on world leaders to include Taiwan and its 23.5 million citizens. Taiwan should be allowed to participate in the UN and contribute to the collective global effort to find solutions to the problems facing the world. The theme of the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, “A Defining Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interrelated Challenges”, highlights the serious issues currently facing the international community: the COVID-19 pandemic, food and energy shortages, disrupted global supply chains and climate change.

Taiwan is a shining example of a vibrant democracy and is making a positive contribution to the world, including invaluable humanitarian support over the past few years. Taiwan donated masks and medical supplies during COVID-19, shared its self-developed COVID-19 vaccine, and sent more than 500 tons of relief supplies to the Ukrainian people after the Russian invasion, in addition to more $40 million in donations for Ukrainian refugees. Taiwan has also pledged to reduce its climate impact with a plan for net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

When the UN speaks of “common solutions” and “solidarity” to deal with “interconnected crises”, we are in complete agreement. Taiwan is ready to participate in joint solutions. The people of Taiwan believe that they should not be prevented from contributing to global forums despite the relentless suppression of the People’s Republic of China.

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Minister Joseph Wu said: “By deliberately confusing its ‘One China’ principle with UNGA Resolution 2758 – the resolution that determined who represents ‘China’ in the organization some 50 years ago – Beijing misled the world by spreading the error that Taiwan is part of the PRC. Contrary to these false claims, the resolution does not take a position on Taiwan, nor does it include the word “Taiwan”. The long-term status quo is that the ROC (Taiwan) and the PRC are separate jurisdictions, with neither subordinate to the other. The people of Taiwan can only be represented in the international community by their free and democratically elected government.

The misinterpretation of this resolution denies Taiwan’s participation in the UN and its agencies, and deprives the international community of the benefits of Taiwan’s significant contributions. The PRC’s efforts to eradicate Taiwan’s status at the UN are undermining global peace and stability. Beijing’s recent reckless and irresponsible military maneuvers around Taiwan in an effort to disrupt the status quo of the Taiwan Straits have impacted international trade and transportation and endangered regional security. In these circumstances, it is vital that the members of the United Nations condemn these hostile actions which could destabilize the region.

Countries around the world recognize what Taiwan can offer and many support Taiwan’s inclusion in the United Nations. The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution on July 6, 2022, expressing support for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organizations. The major industrial nations of the Group of Seven, or G-7 countries, also expressed similar support. Notably, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken publicly encouraged all UN member states to join the US in supporting Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UN system last October.

Taiwan is grateful for international support and recognition and stands ready to defend its sovereignty and security while remaining restrained in its response to China’s aggression. Taiwan is determined to maintain peace and stability in the region. As a responsible member of the international community, we recognize that our global problems can only be solved if the world comes together to find solutions. We will continue to work with our international partners to bring valuable contributions and strategies to the table.

As a defender of freedom and democracy, Taiwan has proven to be a reliable and indispensable international partner, and the people of Taiwan stand ready to make their much-needed contribution to making the world a better place. Let’s stand together, united as one world, for the greater good!


Paul Yin-Lien Chen is the general manager of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam.

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