At least 18 dead in mosque bombing in Afghanistan

At least 18 dead in mosque bombing in Afghanistan
At least 18 dead in mosque bombing in Afghanistan

Suicide bombing near a mosque in Afghanistan’s Herat province left at least 18 deadincluding Mujibur Rahman Ansari, an Islamic cleric close to the Taliban.

The attack took place near the Guzarga Mosque after the terrorist detonated explosives on his bodyAfghan Provincial Police spokesman Shah Mohmood Rasuli told EFE.

“Unfortunately, popular religious leader Mujibur Rahman Ansari and five of his friends were killed in a suicide attack on their way to the mosque,” he said moments after the attack.

AFP/AFP – Map of Afghanistan showing the city of Herat, where an explosion occurred at a mosque on September 2

Ansari was close to the repressive Taliban government. His radical vision of Islam and his opposition to any form of government other than the current one, punishing opponents with “beheading”, made him an important figure in the propagation of Taliban ideology.

This closeness was demonstrated by the Taliban government’s chief spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, after taking to social media to condemn the attack and lament what he called the “martyrdom” of Ansari, which he described as a “brave” deceased scholar of Islam. “in a cowardly attempt perpetrated by the enemies of religion”.

For the moment, no terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attackcontrary to what sometimes happens with Daesh, the enemy of the Taliban, which hastens to make its paternity public.

The attack comes the same week the Taliban celebrated the first anniversary of the withdrawal of US troops after the fall of Kabul. In this context, In August, Daesh claimed responsibility for an attack on a madrasa in which the Taliban killed Rahimullah Haqqani, who had openly defended women’s right to access education and work, contrary to the position of the Taliban government. Haqqani was also known for his fervent opposition to Daesh.

The attack on Haqqani was not Daesh’s first attack. In previous attempts, the jihadist group had tried to kill him during an attack in Pakistanwhere he had settled during the American presence in Afghanistan.

During the same month, Afghanistan also suffered another attack on one of the mosques located north of Kabul, killing 33 people and injuring around 20 others.

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