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Diana ‘would never have left the royal family’, says Paul Burrell

The grim milestone of the 25th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales was marked this week. The Princess tragically died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. She and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were traveling from the Ritz Hotel when their driver, Henri Paul, lost control of the vehicle at high speed and crashed crushed. Diana, Dodi and Mr. Paul all died from injuries sustained in the accident; Dodi’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only survivor.

Investigating Diana: Death in Paris delves into the two police investigations into Diana’s death – the original French police investigation in 1999 and the Metropolitan Police investigation nine years later.

In both investigations, investigators faced the added challenge of dismantling conspiracy theories surrounding the fatal incident.

In 2003, a year before the UK investigation was opened, a chilling letter written by Diana was published in a national newspaper.

The Daily Mirror published a photo of the note, which read: ‘I’m sitting here at my desk today in October, eager for someone to hug me and encourage me to stay strong and keep my head high.

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Diana wrote a chilling letter that could have been ‘the end of the monarchy’ (Image: Getty Images/PA Images)

The Daily Mirror published the note in October 2003. (Picture: Daily Mirror)

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“This particular phase of my life is the most dangerous – ‘X’ foresees ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and a serious head injury in order to pave the way for Charles’ marriage…

“I’ve been beaten, bruised and mentally abused by a system for 15 years now, but I don’t feel any resentment…I’m strong inside and maybe that’s a problem for my haters.

“Thank you Charles for putting me through such hell and giving me the opportunity to learn from the cruel things you did to me.”

The letter was addressed to Paul Burrell, the former royal butler.

He revealed that he had kept the letter secret for six years of police investigations and media speculation.

Mr. Burrell was the Princess’ butler. (Image: Getty)

It was around the same time that he released his memoir, ‘A Royal Duty’, which followed his career as a member of royal staff.

The letter was also included in her book, but the name of the person who allegedly conspired to kill the princess was blacked out.

It was later revealed that Diana had written “my husband”.

Paul Burrell appeared in the recent Channel 4 documentary and said: “All I can tell you is behind closed doors I was looking after my friend. Her name was Diana.

“I understood his fight and his fights. And I knew where all the enemies were. And they were all coming for us at the same time… They were all against us.

Letter from Diana

Diana wrote the letter to her butler Paul Burrell. (Picture: PA Pictures)

Mr Burrell then listed the Queen’s Household, Prince Philip’s Household and Prince Charles’s Household as ‘enemies’.

He continued: “The police wanted to see the note, which was a private note, but I thought it was of national importance and they should see it, to find out how vulnerable she was, how bad she was. was scared and how marginalized she was…

“[Charles] could not be responsible for the murder of his ex-wife. It would be the end of the monarchy.

David Douglas, Operation Paget investigator, said: ‘What this headline, and this note, says is that the Princess of Wales in 1995 feared there was a plan to get rid of her in an accident.

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The romantic timeline of Prince Charles and Diana.

The romantic timeline of Prince Charles and Diana. (Image:

“You can’t ignore that because two years later she died in a car accident.”

He added: “’My husband is considering getting rid of me.’ That’s what Diana wrote.

“So clearly, in her mind, at the end of October 1995, for some reason, that’s what she wrote down as her thoughts.”

Duncan Larcombe, a journalist and royal author, told the Channel 4 documentary that the letter “completely changed the game, another missing piece of the puzzle”.

He continued: “‘Diana fears being murdered’, that matches what [Mohamed] Al-Fayed said. It also integrates with the big flash.

Diana's car

Henri Paul (R) was behind the wheel the night of the accident. (Image: Getty Images)

“Suddenly you join the dots.”

However, no evidence surrounding the crash has suggested that Charles, or any member of the Royal Family, was involved in the incident.

And a friend of the late princess claimed she was “prone” to this kind of paranoia.

In 2019, Richard Kay, editor of the Daily Mail and an old friend of the princess, told the podcast series Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solve: “She was subject to these kinds of fears, that something could happen to her.

“People convinced her that she was sort of a present-day danger to the royal family and therefore had to be very careful.”

More recently, Diana’s eldest son William said his mother was plagued by “fear, paranoia and isolation” in the years leading up to her death.

princess diana

Diana died in a car accident in August 1997. (Image: Getty Images)

He claimed that Martin Bashir, who used “deceptive behavior” to get his explosive interview with the princess, contributed to his paranoia.

The initial French investigation in 1999 and Operation Paget, which ended in 2008, called the tragic car crash an accident.

However, conspiracy theorists have always speculated that Diana and Dodi were deliberately killed, with some claiming Mr Paul was involved in the plot and others suggesting another vehicle deliberately forced the black Mercedes into a swerve and to crash.

A prominent supporter of these claims was Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, a successful businessman who owns the Ritz Hotel and formerly Harrods.

On several occasions, Mr Al-Fayed claimed that senior cabinet members were behind the fatal accident, blaming Prince Philip in particular.

Mohammad Al Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed believed that his son and the princess had been killed deliberately. (Image: Getty)

He also alleged that the firm was unhappy with the relationship between Diana and Dodi, which he said had become more serious before the incident.

Mr Al-Fayed alleged that Diana and Dodi were engaged and even claimed that the princess was pregnant.

However, while Dodi was caught buying a ring by CCTV, there was no indication that the couple had gotten engaged.

Additionally, there was no evidence to suggest that Diana was pregnant.

French investigators found Henri Paul solely responsible, while British police blamed Mr Paul’s negligent driving as well as the paparazzi vehicles chasing him.

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