Environmentalists called as Arrow River blockage becomes ‘habitat’

A TRAIL has been closed for months for environmental reasons because a river blockage resting against a footbridge has been labeled “an established part of the surrounding habitat”.

Councilor Roger Phillips said he and his neighbors in his Staunton-on-Arrow ward want Herefordshire Council to resolve the blockage which was blocked by the Gigg footbridge in the River Arrow last winter.

The force of the water flow trapped wood against the bridge causing damage to the ironwork, but the blockage has still not been removed due to wildlife.

Councilor Roger Phillips at the Gigg Trail Bridge which has been closed since February


The site is also next to an eroded section of the riverbank protecting the main highway leading to the village, and more timber could break through the stone cages protecting the highway, he said.

Herefordshire Council has closed the footpath which runs alongside the river.

The wood stuck under the Gigg Footbridge at Staunton on Arrow

A sign indicates that this is an emergency highway closure and will be in effect for a maximum of 21 days, there is also no alternate route.

But the notice is dated February 24.

Earl Roger Phillips on the shore near the trail bridge which was closed due to wood debris buildup.

A spokesman for Herefordshire Council previously said: “The footbridge has been closed for safety reasons following a timber blockage in the stream below.


Hereford Times: Wood debris piled up under footpath bridge in Staunton on ArrowWood debris piled up under the footpath bridge at Staunton on Arrow

Hereford Times: Wood debris piled up under footpath bridgeWood debris piled up under the trail bridge

“The wood has become an established part of the surrounding habitat which supports a range of species.

“We are currently working with environmentalists to conduct investigations and establish the scope of work needed to remove the blockage safely.”

. ecologists called so blocking river Arrow becomes habitat

. Environmentalists called Arrow River blockage habitat

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