Councilors return to County Hall for first meeting after fire-damaged building

Nottinghamshire County Council carried out its first official business at County Hall since a fire caused severe damage to part of the building.

Emergency services were called to the headquarters in West Bridgford on July 28 after a fire broke out in the hallway used by Conservative ruling councilors on the first floor.

The cause was later confirmed to be an accidental electrical fault in the ceiling void, which caused the spark to spark and the fire to spread between the offices.

It started above the desk of transport and environment boss Councilor Neil Clarke (Con), who said he lost personal and work items to the fire.

Some staff continue to work from other municipal buildings or from home as recovery work progresses. Contractors are still on site and the main entrance to County Hall remained closed on Wednesday August 31.

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The council says a gradual return to the building has taken place throughout August and September as staff return to their offices and repairs are carried out.

However, members of the authority’s pension fund committee met in council chambers today (September 1) in what is the building’s first official business since the fire.

The meeting discussed the elements of the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund – a pension scheme for council staff from the county’s nine local authorities – and how the fund is operating amid the cost of living crisis.

Councilors attended the meeting in person in the council chamber, also on the first floor of the five-storey building, in line with the phased approach for the return of staff to headquarters.

A council spokesman said: ‘We are making a phased return with staff who would normally be based at County Hall, it is going well with all the electricity and gas restored and the contractors are there.

“IT services are back and already operating in the building and the Members’ Corridor Advisors have been relocated to the Riverview Building.

“The phased approach will see more staff re-enter the building, and we expect to be more or less operational again in two weeks.”

. Councilors return County Hall meeting firedamaged building

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