Duke-Margolis and Sanford launch undergraduate certificate in health policy

Duke-Margolis and Sanford launch undergraduate certificate in health policy
Duke-Margolis and Sanford launch undergraduate certificate in health policy

Health policy works at the intersection of the delivery of health care to consumers and communities, and its effect on the economy, society, governments and the private sector. Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, Duke undergraduates will have the opportunity to study health policy in a powerful and structured way that will culminate in an undergraduate certificate in health policy from Duke.

The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and the Sanford School of Public Policy will jointly train students in the analysis, development, and implementation of evidence-based health policy so that they are prepared to address complex health and healthcare challenges at local, state, national and national levels. global levels.

“Duke is uniquely positioned to educate health policy students, with our medical school, nursing school, other health and professional programs, a huge health care system as well as the multiple majors and training programs of the University. It’s a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research and education,” said Nathan Boucher, health policy certificate faculty director, Sanford School associate professor and Duke-Margolis faculty member.

“The Health Policy Certificate is a great opportunity to bring together all of these resources for students, along with mentorship, classroom learning, and guided fieldwork to be able to learn about health policy and use these skills in various sectors after their training here. at Duke.

Certificate requirements include the completion of four health policy courses and two health policy-related experiential learning activities, and the creation of a public-facing e-portfolio that highlights the work and student scholarship in health policy.

Duke increased its focus on health policy by establishing Duke-Margolis in 2016, which has enabled more than 400 undergraduate and graduate students to engage in health policy each year. Many undergraduates participate in the Student Collaborative on Health Policy (SCOHP), an affinity group that championed the health policy certificate, including developing supporting content for the original proposal.

“Previously, many undergraduates wouldn’t have had the opportunity to focus on health policy,” Boucher said. “With the Health Policy Certificate, we hope this cross-campus training will empower students to function as a broad, interdisciplinary team, during and after their Duke experience, to be the next generation of leaders to solve our key health challenges. Health care. . It’s big.”

Duke-Margolis and Sanford have worked with Duke’s schools of business, nursing, medicine and law, the Duke Global Health Institute and other university units to develop an interdisciplinary approach to health policy.

The certificate is also an example of how Duke’s professional schools bring educational and curricular innovation to the university’s undergraduate program, one of the plants of the Presidential Strategic Framework.

“The most important footprint we can leave on a more affordable and equitable future health care system is to prepare new health policy makers who are committed to valuing health care that actually improves the lives of people. patients,” said Robert J. Margolis, MD. 71 and founder of Duke-Margolis.

. DukeMargolis Sanford launch certificate undergraduate undergraduate policy health

. DukeMargolis Sanford launch undergraduate certificate health policy

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