This 1914 Ford Model T motorhome is the perfect old-but-gilded motorhome

Bonhams has a very rare and special entry next month, a unique Ford Model T motorhome. The collectible RV going under the hammer will bring incredible prestige and a load of historical significance. The motorhome is a 1914 Ford Model T motor caravan which could very well be the oldest motorhome in the world, according to the description on the official Bonhams listing.

The claim could still be debatable. Now ready for auction, this classic Ford The caravan will move to a new, modern owner who appreciates the incredible richness of history inside and out. The listing on the Bonhams auction house website puts the price between £20,000 and £30,000 (between around $23,300 and $35,000), but the final price will be determined when the hammer falls on September 10 .

The 1914 Model T RV is considered the oldest in the world, but unlike determining the age of an automobile, it is difficult to determine exactly the very first motorhome. Before recreational vehicles were officially built as production units, there were many between the automobile and travel trailers.

In addition, there were those commissioned privately by the wealthy. This particular motorhome from 1914 is special not only for the era it belongs to, but above all because of the almost new condition it is in.

1914 Ford Model T RV: a well-preserved time capsule

Via: Bonhams

It is also a top-of-the-range motorhome, commissioned by Frank Bentall and his family. The Bentall family were part of the aristocracy and founded the luxury department store Bentall in 1867. So naturally a family like this would have the resources to finance a bespoke motorhome. The chassis of the 1914 Ford Model T was lengthened and reinforced to be able to support a house on wheels by the specialist Baico.

The body is fashioned in wood by Dunton of Reading. It was apparently so well built that when the motorhome was recovered in the 70s almost all of the original parts could still be restored. It is not known how much the motorhome was actually used for touring. The listing on Bonhams says the Model T caravan was sold in the 1920s, after which it was “subsequently abandoned” for half a century.

It was then bought by Leo Smith who restored it with the help of cabinetmaker Robin Tanner over four years. In this restoration, 95% of the original parts have been preserved. Fast forward to 1976, the classic RV was entered in the 1976 HCVC London-Brighton Run, where it also won several awards including the Concours d’Elegance.

In the following years, the motorhome was presented at several special events and also won other awards. The auction house writes that it was featured “on television with royal visitors in attendance”.

Features of the 1914 Model T Ford RV

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The wooden cabin offers sleeping space for four people and basic comforts like a folding table, a wood stove and a nice living room with plush leather seats. The leather bench seat serves as a seat for the driver and passenger and can be turned inwards if necessary to transform the space into a living room instead.

The bench also contains storage and the campervan also has a Welsh cabinet. There are green velvet curtains and interior ornaments, and take this, a letterbox, which might be the only way to keep in touch from the road. The auction house said the motorhome will be sold as seen in the photographs, including all ornaments, accessories, and pots and pans from that era hidden in plain sight.

While the motorhome itself is a historical treasure, the interior with lots of unspecified antique memorabilia is just as relevant. “Exterior lamps, a gas can, a spare wheel, [and] spare spark plugs” are included, says Bonhams.

Is the Ford Model T Caravan the oldest motorhome?

1914 model t ford motorhome auction
Via: Bonhams

The 1910 Pierce-Arrow Touring Landau has so far been considered the oldest RV to be mass-produced. Also called Pierce-Arrow 66 Touring Landau or Pierce-Arrow Special Touring Landau, it was the first to have a toilet and running hot water on board. That’s actually more than the Ford Model T RV offers. The Landau had sleeping space for two and truly chic creature comforts.

Even though the Model T caravan doesn’t look as sophisticated as the Landau, it is deeply impressive. Not to mention the immaculate condition it is in. If we think of old motorhomes, there is also the CR 4134 or as it is nicknamed, the great-great-great-grandfather of all RVs today.

The Ford or the Landau or something else? At this point, who cares who holds the title of oldest of all time? They’re as sophisticated as it gets when motorized mobility was all about hanging on and paved roads were a luxury.

Sources: Ford, Bonhams Auctions

. motorhome Ford model is perfect motorhome old but golden

. Ford Model motorhome perfect oldbutgilded motorhome

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