Repairing Yellowstone’s Roads After Flood

The following is from a press release from Yellowstone National Park on road repairs following the June floods. Click here to see what the roads look like immediately after the flood.

Reconnecting the park to the communities of Gardiner, Montana (north entrance) and Cooke City/Silver Gate, Montana (northeast entrance), remains Yellowstone’s highest flood recovery priority.

“Efforts to reconnect to these communities are on schedule and exceeding expectations,” Superintendent Cam Sholly said. “We will continue to update the public on progress as we approach the fall, but we expect regular vehicular access to be restored by mid-October with additional work being carried out by the continued as time permits.”

While the permanent reconstruction of the northern and northeast entrance road corridors will require multi-year efforts, the park has been working on substantial temporary solutions to reconnect these areas ahead of the upcoming winter season:

  • North Entrance Road (Mammoth Hot Springs to North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana): Efforts to expand the temporary road (Old Gardiner Road) that connects Mammoth Hot Springs to the North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana to two lanes , should be passable for regular traffic by October 15, with further improvements continuing beyond that date, weather permitting. This temporary road will allow regular access for vehicles to travel between Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner during the winter season.
  • Northeast Entrance Road (tower junction at the Northeast Entrance in Cooke City/Silver Gate, Montana): Efforts to repair approximately five damaged sections of the Northeast Entrance Road are underway and should be passable for regular traffic by October 15, with further improvements. beyond this date, weather permitting. These temporary repairs will allow regular access for vehicles to travel between Tower Junction and Cooke City/Silver Gate.
  • Learn more about the temporary and long-term rebuild times for these inlets in the August 3 flood recovery update.
  • Yellowstone will continue to communicate with the public and stakeholders if timelines change in the fall due to early winter weather or other unforeseen events.

North entrance

old gardener 4

old gardener 5

old gardener 6

old gardener 7

old gardener 8

old gardener 9

old gardener 10

northeast entrance

northeast entrance 1

northeast entrance 2

northeast entrance 3

northeast entrance 4

northeast entrance 5

northeast entrance 6

northeast entrance 7

northeast entrance 8

. WATCH repair of roads yellowstone after a flood

. Repairing Yellowstones Roads Flood

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