11 more games leaving Xbox Game Pass soon (September 2022)

11 more games leaving Xbox Game Pass soon (September 2022)
11 more games leaving Xbox Game Pass soon (September 2022)

Microsoft revealed the next batch of games to be dropped from Xbox Game Pass in the middle of September, and it’s yet another pretty huge batch, with 11 games seemingly included in all!

We say apparently, as Microsoft has not yet officially provided dates for these. As soon as we have more information on withdrawal dates, we will update the table. In the meantime, you will notice a “?” next to the presumed dates.

Here’s the full list of games slated for release in mid-September:

Date Game Platform
September 15? A Plague Tale: Innocence Console, PC
September 15? Aragami 2 Console, PC
September 15? Bug Fables: The Eternal Sapling Console, PC
September 15? Craftopia Console, PC
September 15? Final Fantasy XIII Console, PC
September 15? Flynn: Son of Crimson Console, PC
September 15? i am fish Console, PC
September 15? Lost Words: Beyond the Page Console, PC
September 15? mighty goose Console, PC
September 15? SkateBIRD Console, PC
September 15? The artistic escape Console, PC

As always, Xbox Game Pass members can get at least 20% off these titles before they’re removed. We’re still waiting for a reveal on what’s coming to Game Pass in September, but we already know a few additions:

Sad to see these games disappear? Let us know your favorite of these in the comments.

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. other games will leave soon Xbox Game Pass September

. games leaving Xbox Game Pass September

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