Modern Warfare 2 has some naughty stuff

Modern Warfare 2 has some naughty stuff
Modern Warfare 2 has some naughty stuff

As we near the October release date of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the National Content Rating Boards have reviewed the game to rank it.

The Australian Classification Board has taken the plunge and published its classification early, making for humorous reading.

The ACB warns that the game depicts “the tracking and killing of numerous adversaries, with resulting examples of blood and injury detail.”

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“Violence is present in the majority of the gameplay, using firearms that include automatic weapons, as well as blades and other items,” all pretty standard shooter stuff so far.

But it looks like Infinity Ward has upped its game with “brief visual and textual sexual references and mild examples of sexualized imagery in a sequence set in a red-light district”, though before you get too excited, “The game does not feature depictions of sexual activity.”

Explicit language is also featured, with “f**k, shit and asshole” used. I quote verbatim here. Obviously the F-word is too gross to write clearly, but anything on your butt gets the green light.

We are also getting minor spoilers for the game’s campaign, along with the ACB warning about drug use. This includes “verbal references to drugs and cartels and brief footage in which packets of white powder are seen. We see a character implicitly snorting white powder in a short cutscene.

This confirms rumors that the campaign is set in South America, with agents battling drug cartels in the ongoing war on drugs.

Meanwhile, Activision is actively trying to contain the gameplay leaks that have surfaced online this week.

The article is in French

. Call Duty Modern Warfare contains stuff naughty

. Modern Warfare naughty stuff

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