Millwall boss on ‘awful’ deadline day

Millwall boss on ‘awful’ deadline day
Millwall boss on ‘awful’ deadline day

GARY Rowett has admitted he didn’t enjoy the stress of transfer deadline day.

The Millwall boss was keen to get his business done early in the window, but the club have been left sweating over whether or not they can secure a loan deal for Barnsley’s Callum Styles over the line.

When asked how he views deadline day from a manager’s perspective, Rowett replied “awful, that’s the answer to that.”

“It’s horrible, because there’s this outside pressure to feel like you have to do something,” he added. “As the day goes on, you get so many calls about things, and you start thinking ‘should we just do something, should we do one, is this the right one? “.

“You have other decisions to make. If you imagine cramming all of your decisions in a month into four hours, then you’ll probably have a good grasp of what that is.

“I remember we signed a player at 11 a.m. one day. We had spent all day trying to do business, arrived at 11 and ended up closing the deal at 11:01, so it was declined. It was Maikel Kieftenbeld, I’m sure you probably remember. Maikel was in our building for four days before we realized it was not crossed by the FA. I think Leicester had a similar situation at the same time.

“It’s not good. It seems ridiculous that it always goes down to the last day. If you look closely, we are not the only club, there are many, many clubs looking to do business on the last day. If you know there’s a final day and you’re the selling club, it’s in your best interest to wait until then and see if anyone panics or pays a little more than they normally would. .

“The fact that there are programs on Sky running all day on transfer news tells you things are happening and there is a lot of excitement, the fans love it and everyone is seated in front of the television to see what his team is up to. They define their season by what you sometimes do during those 24 hours. It’s a bit hectic. »

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